Maitree 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the inspector telling Ashizh that the commissioner went out and asked him to handle his problem. Ashish asks him to lodge a case against Vasundhara as she kidnapped my wife and daughter. Everyone at the station gets shocked. The inspector says they can’t file a case against her, and she was about to get attacked, as we saw in the video proof.

Ashish says the video doesn’t show how Vasundhara instigated Sona. He asks the eyewitness to tell the truth. Chandi Aunty reveals how Vasundhara instigated Sona. Ashish says Vasundhara came to my wife with a full-proof plan and achieved what she wanted, so please file a complaint against her.

Maitree 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dinesh comes there and says there’s no need to file for custody as I’m one of the eyewitnesses and Vasundhara didn’t kidnap Nandini, and no one can file a kidnapping case against the parents. Ashish says filing a complaint is my civil right, and if you guys don’t take my complaint, then I will file the case with the police.

Dinesh asks Tiwari to prepare the team to go on a raid with the Narcotics Department. Ashish says you can go wherever you want, but I won’t leave the station until I file FIRS. Dinesh asks Tiwari to read the address of the raid location. Tiwari reads the address. Ashish is shocked to learn they are going to his house. Sachin takes Maitree to Matru’s Pani puri. Marty asks Maitree if Nandini and Ashish didn’t come with her. Sachin tries to divert the topic.

Maitree recalls her past moments with Nandini and Ashish. Sachin asks her what happened. Maitree tells him she is missing Nandini and doesn’t know when she will be fine. At Vasundhara’s place, Vasundhara’s brother’s family fails to comfort the baby. Vasundhara’s brother asks Vasundhara to comfort the baby, but Vasundhara refuses, saying she won’t comfort Ashish’s baby. She asks Nandini not to worry, as the baby will get used to this new place.

Sona asks Om to call Ashish to find out where he is. Ashish comes there with the police. Sona asks him why he bought police. Ashish says they are a narcotics team that came by themselves with a search warrant. Sona says she won’t let them raid. Dinesh says Saransh’s blood sample contains drugs, and we need to search the house.

Sona tries to stop them, but Ashish stops her and tells her to let them check, as it’s needed to prove our innocence. The narcotics team searches Ashish’s house. Sachin makes Maitree eat Pani puri and assures her that everything will be fine very soon. Maitree tells him she feels like Baby is crying for her. On the other side, the baby cries badly. Vasundhara’s brother’s family fails to comfort him. The police team doesn’t find anything in the house.

They enter Saransh’s room without listening to Sona. Vasundhara receives a message about Raid. She asks her brother to call Maitree to take care of the baby. Maitree comes there. He says he is about to call her. Maitree takes the baby and calms him down, then she feeds milk to the baby.

Dinesh and his team find drugs beside Saransh’s photo frame. Dinesh says to the Tiwari family that they have found proof in Saransh’s room that proves Saransh is a drug addict. Ashish wonders if Maitree is correct about Saransh. Maitree makes Baby sleep beside Nandini and tells her that everything will get settled soon. She receives Dinesh’s call. Dinesh informs Maitree about the raid. Maitree collapses on the sofa.


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