Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree noticing a bandaid on Saransh’s hand and asking him about it. Saransh says he got injured and dances happily. He sees the police coming to the venue and gets scared. The inspector places his hand on Saransh’s shoulder. Everyone feels worried. Inspector Lee congratulates him. He goes to Dinesh and tells him that they have to discuss the case. Dinesh takes them inside.

Maitree notices Saransh is worried. Ashish asks others to continue the function. He goes inside and joins Dinesh and the Inspector. The inspector apologizes to them for coming to the function. He says he took the lead. Maitree and Nandini come there and ask what they are doing. Ashish says to Maitree and Nandini that he is handling the drug racket case as Dinesh requested him to take this case as a public prosecutor.

Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Saransh gets scared hearing it. Nandini asks if it’s needed at this time. Dinesh says it’s important to stop the drugs from spreading in the city. Ashish sees the CCTV footage and asks the police, “Who was in a sherwani?” The inspector says they don’t know. Saransh sees the CCTV footage and worries about it. Ashish says it can customer or a drugs team member so it will be good if we catch him.

Dinesh says they can catch him through his sherwani. Ashish says it’s tough to identify through dress. Ashish sees Saransh inside and asks what he’s doing there. Saransh says he came to learn why the police came. Ashish says you should learn it now. Saransh feels tense. Maitree notices Saransh’s tension. Nandini says let’s go outside; otherwise, Sona Tai will kill us. Inspector leaves.

Ashish apologizes to Sona. Ashish thinks about how to balance himself without consuming drugs. Sona forgives him. They start dancing happily. Ashish is about to fall. Sona and Maitree hold him. Sona notices Maitree’s mehendi gets spoiled. She blames men’s entry as the cause of this inauspicious sign. Nandini asks her to think well.

Sona scolds Nandini and her brought up. Maitree stops Sona, tells her that it’s her mistake, and says she will keep the Vrat of Durga Maa to clear the inauspicious sign. Sona agrees with Maitree and tells her that she will keep Vrath with her. Ashish notices Nandini is sad. He asks the groom and bride to dance. Sona says the good time is over, so let’s dance in sangeet.

Later, Kusum struggles to breathe, thinking about how Sona scolded Nandini. Ashish sees her mother’s state and makes her feel better by giving her an inhaler. Om comes there and asks what happened. Kusum tells them she is feeling bad seeing the way Sona humiliated Nandini, and Nandini may think she didn’t support her. Ashish says Nandini won’t understand, so don’t feel bad. Kusum asks him to manage Nandini. Ashish says Maitree will manage Nandini.

Maitree asks Nandini to not take Sona’s words seriously. She asks if she is missing her mom, Vasundhara. Nandini says I’m not missing her as she didn’t even talk to me till now. She leaves. Maitree understands Nandini is missing her mom. She decides to reunite Nandini and her mom in her marriage.

The client waits for Vasundhara. Vasudhara comes there, preparing food for her. The client asks Vasundhara to clear his name from the drug case. He offers her a hefty amount. Vasudhara says he can’t buy her. She says she already saved him once, and she denies taking the case.

Vasudhara’s brother asks her what the problem is with taking the case and if she knows who is the public prosecutor for this drug-related case. Nandini’s mom asks, “Who is it?” The guy says it’s Ashish Tiwari. Vasundara gets surprised to hear this. Vasudhara accepts the case. She asks Netha to take back his money and says defeating Ashish is her fee. Netha Ji thanks her.

Maitree 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Vasudhara sees Nandini’s photo on the wall. Ashish makes Nandini eat food. Sona does Suddikran for Saransh. She asks Ashish to take the same water to Maitree as she has to use the same water.

Saransh says it all happened because Ashish accepted the case, so ask your brother to leave the case. Ashish asks how they are related. Saransh says the police came there because you and I don’t want you busy in my marriage. Sona asks Ashish to leave the case. Ashish refuses.


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