Main Hoon Aparajita 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nia on the call telling someone that she won’t let anyone know it. Dadi calls her and asks what’s she doing in the corner. Nia disconnects the call and goes to meet her. Dadi shows a dress she bought for her. Nia feels happy seeing the lehenga. She thanks, Dadi. Dadi asks her to get ready so they can go to the engagement. Nia agrees and she goes aside and informs someone about the engagement time.

Aparajita cleans the house. Akshay asks her what happened. Aparajita says you won’t believe it if I tell you what happened. She asks Akshay to not move but he doesn’t listen to her. He falls on the floor. Aparajita smiles and forwards her hand to him. Akshay asks if she feels he can’t get up without her help. Aparajita says she is helping him so that she can finish the work on time.

Main Hoon Aparajita 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Akshay holds her hand and she gets imbalanced then Akshay holds her. Both get stunned. Akshay helps Aparajita. Dadi and Nia come there. Dadi says it’s good to see them together. Nia looks upset. Aparajita and Akshay look at each other. Dadi changes that she feels good to see them working together.

Dadi asks Aparajita if she called the Pandit. Aparajita says she called him and he will come. Dadi says today is engagement but it’s good if they do horoscope matching for Chavi and Veer. Akshay says he doesn’t believe in horoscope matching and you matched mine with Aparajita but it didn’t work. Dadi looks on.

Chhavi gets ready in lehenga. She tells Aparajita that it’s so good. Aparajita agrees and asks her to show her dress to her dad. Chhavi leaves. Aparajita says to Disha that they need to find Rithika’s sister soon to expose Veer and save Chavi. Disha agrees. Mohini on call assures Sunil that she will manage everything. Nia comes there and tells Mohini that she is going to Aparajita’s house. Mohini doesn’t like her dress and asks her to change it.

Nia says it was gifted by Dadi so I won’t change it. Mohini says it might be her choice that’s why it is bad like Aparajita. Nia says to mom. Mohini permits her to go to Aparajita’s house. Nia goes and meets Asha. Asha says hope you didn’t tell anyone as I want to surprise Chavi. Nia says she didn’t inform anyone. An unknown lady observes them.

Asha goes inside and surprises Chavi. Disha asks if she left her exams. Asha says exams ended and I lied to surprise you guys. Aparajita comes there and asks what happened in her competition. Asha says she topped in India and shows them the trophy. Everyone feels happy. Asha gives the trophy to Aparajita. They decide to place it in the hall.

Mohini says to Akshay you didn’t compliment my look. He says she looks gorgeous. That time Aparajita come downstairs. Akshay gets mesmerized. Mohini holds Akshay’s hand. Veer and his family come there. Aparajita and Akshay welcome them. Aparajita feels helpless for not getting any proof against Veer.

Main Hoon Aparajita 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Disha and Nia bring Chavi downstairs. Veer feels mesmerized. Aparajita holds Chavi’s hands. Mohini holds Chavi and makes her sit beside Veer. She smirks seeing Aparajita. Aparajita goes to the cooking section and asks the cooks to finish the items on time. She notices the footmarks on the floor and realizes they are from the same person who spooked the decorations she thinks who’s this person and follows the bookmarks on the floor.

An unknown lady holds a Knife and thinks she won’t let the engagement happen. Aparajita reaches the unknown lady and asks who is she. Veer’s mother diverts Aparajita by asking her if they can start the engagement. An unknown lady escapes. Aparajita tells Veer’s mother to wait for for some time. She goes outside to check on the lady. Disha asks why she looks tensed. Aparajita tells her about a lady whom she spots at the venue with a knife.

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