Main Hoon Aparajita 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Mohini coming to the police station and asking Akshay what happened. Akshay says nothing and says he called and says he might also come at any minute. Sunil comes and asks Veer why is he here. Akshay says Veer came with them. Aparajita asks the inspector to show the file in which it is written Ritika died in a car accident and says she is suspicious that Veer is the one driving the car. Sunil asks Akshay what is Aparajita doing and asks her to stop.

Aparajita asks Sunil if he is going to deny that Ritika used to be Veer’s girlfriend. Sunil says he never denied that Ritika used to be Veer’s girlfriend. Akshay also talks in favor of Veer. Sunil says to Aparajita that Ritika didn’t love Veer and only his money and says Ritika and her father tried to blackmail them by putting false allegations against them. Sunil says he filed a case against them for fraud and says from then on they were missing.

Main Hoon Aparajita 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Aparajita says they were not missing but they were killed. Aparajita asks the inspector to show the file to them. The inspector asks Aparajita what file is she talking about. It is shown Mohini advising Sunil that to make Aparajita look bad there is the only way and i.e. to give the money to the inspector who said to Aparajita that Ritika died because of a car accident. The inspector gives a thumbs-up to the MLA.

Aparajita tries to argue with the inspector but Akshay stops Aparajita and says this pre-engagement is going to be in the day after tomorrow. Chavi says to Disha that she is mistaken about Veer like everyone else. Disha says to Chavi that Aparajita is going to prove that Veer is not right for her. Aparajita comes and says to Chavi that she is right about Veer and she is wrong.

Chavi feels elated hearing this and hugs Aparajita. Sunil praises Mohini for her plan. Mohini accepts Sunil’s praise and says she just hopes that with this Ritika’s chapter is over. Chavi says to Aparajita that she knew that Aparajita’s misunderstanding about Veer will go away. Aparajita says to Chavi that her pre-engagement is the day after tomorrow. A girl comes to Aparajita’s house and eavesdrops on them.

Chavi feels happy about what Aparajita said and goes to talk about it with Akshay. Chavi goes to call Akshay. Disha comes and asks Aparajita why did she agree to the marriage of Chavi with Veer? Aparajita says to Disha what happened at the police station. Disha understands the inspector also colluded with Sunil and Mohini.

Aparajita says there is good thing about this pre-engagement is that Chavi will not be in a hurry to marry and says they will have some time to search for leads to prove that Veer is a bad guy. Aparajita asks Disha to talk to the girl who gave her the information about Ritika. Disha says she will try to talk to the girl. Aparajita hears the sound of utensils falling and goes to check them. The girl who is eavesdropping leaves from there.

Chavi shares the good news with Nia and Akshay. Nia says to Mohini that Aparajita has agreed to the pre-engagement of Chavi and Veer. Mohini gets a call from Sunil. Akshay sees that Sunil is calling Mohini and takes the call to give him the good news but Sunil says he did exactly like she asked and asks what is the next step. Akshay asks Mohini about it. Mohini makes up a reason and takes the phone and goes to talk to Sunil on the phone.

The mystery girl is shown to be hiding from Chavi. Dadi comes and asks Aparajita why did she agree to Veer and Chavi’s pre-engagement. Aparajita says to Dadi that she has to marry Chavi at some time. Aparajita says to Dadi that she thought they will do the pre-engagement now and they will do the marriage after Chavi completes her studies after 1 year. Akshay hearing this argues with Aparajita about it.

Nia teases Chavi about Veer. Aparajita asks Akshay what she says wrong. Akshay says Veer is going to London and he is going to stay there for 1 year. Dadi asks Akshay how can they send Chavi that far. Akshay says to Dadi that Chavi is going with her husband and says Chavi will not be happy if Veer and Chavi are far apart. Chavi comes and says to Akshay that they can handle the long-distance relationship and says she will listen to Aparajita and marry after 1 year. Akshay hears what Chavi said and stops trying to convince Dadi.

Main Hoon Aparajita 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Sunil and Mohini select the cards for the wedding. Veer comes and says to Sunil that Aparajita created a new hurdle for them and says Chavi called him and said they are going to marry after 1 year and asks how he feels about her decision. Sunil asks Veer what did he say? Veer says he didn’t have a choice to say no. Veer takes the card tears it apart and throws it on Mohini’s face.

Mohini warns Veer to behave himself otherwise she will tell everyone about Ritika’s matter. Aparajitha and Disha are shown to be preparing for pre-engagement. Aparajita asks Disha if she talked with the girl. Disha says she is trying to find her. Veer comes and says to Aparajita that he came to meet Chavi. Veer takes Aparajita’s blessing and reminds her now he is going to be her son-in-law.

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