Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Akshay telling Aparajita that whatever happened is not good. Aparajita asks if he also thinks she made his daughter a servant. Akshay says no, I saw how you took care of Nia during the trip and I’m saying whatever Mohini did is not good. Aparajita says Mohini hates me and my daughters and you know it too and she may do it again. Akshay says he talks to her.

Aparajita asks him to make Mohini feel that he won’t create any trouble in his married life with her. Akshay asks if she feels they have problems in their marriage. Aparajita says the truth can’t be changed and she is insecure and we can’t go anywhere leaving this laundry but you guys can return to Dubai. Akshay says he doesn’t want to go far from his daughters.

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

He asks her “can’t they stay near their kids like regular parents”. Aparajita says they can’t. She says you can win your daughter’s trust but don’t expect anything from me. Akshay is taken aback. Disha on call informs Aparajita that she is searching online through Rithika’s photo. Disha doesn’t get any information. The photo flies away. Chavi is about to take it but before her Aparajita takes it and manages the situation.

Aparajita asks Chavi to take a rest. Chavi leaves. Disha apologizes to her mom. Aparajita says we can’t let Chavi know it until we find the truth. Disha agrees. Aparajita asks if she gets any information. Disha says no. Aparajita says Rithika’a dad may file for near their place when Rithika goes missing so let’s start our inquiry from there.

Mohini meets Sunil with dhol people. Sunil asks what’s it. Mohini says these are pre-winning celebrations. She gives him a 10 cr fund and asks him to get Veer and Chavi married in 10 days to get 10cr. Sunil says it’s impossible. Mohini says Rithika’s truth will be exposed if you don’t listen to me. Sunil accepts the cheque. Mohini asks him to get Chavi and Veer engaged in 3 days. Sunil asks how it’s possible. Mohini says it’s possible and tell your son that you’re sending him to London.

Aparajita and Disha go to the police station and file for Rithika missing. Another inspector notices them and thinks to suppress Rithika’s missing matter. Veer meets Akshay. He collapses in front of Akshay and tells him that he can’t live without Chavi and tells him that his dad is sending him to London and don’t know why aunty hates him and if she hates him because I come from a political family then I will burn the proofs.

He burns all his identity proofs. Akshay asks Veer if he becomes mad. Veer requests him to do something and tells him that he can’t live without Chavi. Akshay asks him to return and assures him that he will do something. Mohini observes them and thinks the plan is implemented well. Veer says Chavi trusts you and I trust her.

Mohini says a sweet boy and asks him to leave. Veer leaves. Mohini asks Akshay to not disappoint Veer and Chavi because of Aparajita’s misconception. Akshay says he will do something and asks when Veer is going to London. Mohini says in 10 days. Inspector informs Sunil about Aparajita’s complaint. Sunil asks him to not involve Veer’s name in it. Aparajita tells Disha that Mohini will definitely conspire something against them.

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

The next day, Sunil tells Akshay that he is happy with Chavi and Veer’s alliance and I’m sending Veer to London for studies so it’s good if we get the kids engaged in 2 days. Akshay asks how it’s possible in 2 days. Mohini says it’s a good idea. Akshay excuses them and goes to meet Aparajita. Mohini thinks no one can stop the engagement and Mohini.

Akshay meets Aparajita and tells her that Veer is going to London so he decided it’s good to get Veer and Chavi to marry before he leaves for London. Aparajita asks him to stay silent. She closes the door and asks how can he decide it. She tells Veer that is not good. Akshay asks how she is sure. Aparajita tells him about she suspects Veer is behind his ex-lover Rithika’s missing and her father’s suicide.

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