Main Hoon Aparajita 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Veer trying to look at the bride’s face, but Veer’s mom stops him from seeing the bride’s face, saying Chavi is still not his wife. Sunil stops Veer and takes him away. Aparajita takes a breath of relief. Veer asks if they can start the marriage ritual.

The pandit says the marriage cannot take place because there is still one hour until the auspicious time, and he will not begin the marriage ritual until then. Sunil also convinces Veer, saying this marriage will happen according to proper tradition. Aparajita, hearing this, says she will take the bride upstairs. Veer believes that no matter what happens, he will marry Chavi.

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Aparajita brings Ritika upstairs and thanks Ritika for listening to her. Aparajita asks Ritika to stay here, and she will be right outside. Akshay talks with Aparajita on the phone and says he will take care of Veer. Veer tries to go upstairs, but Asha and Disha stop him. Asha asks Veer where he’s going. Veer says he is going to the washroom upstairs.

Asha and Disha tease Veer and tell him to use the washroom downstairs, and Asha takes Veer away from there. Disha says to Akshay that he is not capable of doing this and asks Akshay to give Veer’s responsibility to her. Akshay comments on it. Akshay takes Pandit aside, asks him to do something for him, and offers him money. Pandit agrees.

Veer asks Mohini to think of a way to make this marriage happen sooner. Mohini agrees and tries to talk to Pandit. Pandit says she came here to talk to them. Mohini summons everyone because Pandit wishes to speak. Pandit says she looked at Veer and Chavi’s fortunes and says this marriage should never happen as there is a big dosh in Chavi’s fortune. Veer asks Pandit to think of a way to make this marriage happen. Pandit says there is a way and says to Veer that he has to wash a few ladies’ legs and drink that water. Veer agrees to do it for Chavi.

Sunil stops Veer from washing a maid’s legs. Veer says he will do it. Veer washes the ladies’ legs and drinks that water according to the ritual. Chavi and Asha record Veer’s humiliating ritual. Mohini also sits in the ladies’ room, and Veer also washes Mohini’s legs and drinks her water. Veer asks the Pandit if the ritual is complete. Pandit says one last thing is left and says he has to wash Aparajita’s legs and drink it. Aparajita asks Veer to wash his mother’s feet and complete the ritual. Veer agrees. Veer washes his mother’s feet and drinks her water.


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