Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chavi asking Akshay if he talked to Veer. Akshay says no and asks her what is the matter. Chavi hugs him and says Veer comes here for me and hugs me if he knows my condition is not good but mom won’t like it. Aparajita hears their talk. Akshay asks Chavi to take a rest and tells her that they can talk about Veer later. He says he will read a book to her.

Chavi asks if he likes Veer. Akshay nods yes. Chavi says don’t know why Mom misunderstood Veer and doesn’t know how to make her understand and wishes mom understand him like you. Chavi says Veer cares for her more than her mom. Akshay says Chavi. Chavi asks him to support her in every decision. Akshay assures her he is with her and asks her to take care of herself and he promises to take care of her happiness. Chavi hugs him. Aparajita thinks she has to expose Veer by finding Rithika.

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Disha searches for Rithika’s photo. Aparajita comes there and asks her what’s she searching for. Disha says Rithika’s photo is missing. Aparajita says it’s tough for them to prove Veer’s crimes without Rithika’s photo. She searches in her bag and finds Rithika’s photo. Aparajita says Rithika is looking innocent like Chavi and we don’t know what Veer did to her and we have to make sure Veer won’t repeat it with our Chavi. Disha says they can find Rithika soon.

Mohini trips and sits holding her feet in pain. Amma mocks her and asks her to think how much pain she gave to Aparajita by breaking her house and marriage. Mohini asks her to stop accusing her. Amma asks what evil plans she is conspiring against Aparajita. Mohini says leave about Aoarajita, I’m planning to kill you by throwing you from Balcony. Amma punches her feet. Mohini is taken aback.

Disha tells unconscious Chavi that they love her and will expose Veer in front of her son then they can do masti. Nia on the call tells Asha how her mom warned her to not go to their house. She says leave it and tell me about your exam. Asha says exams are going well but here my seniors are making fun of Chavi and haunting me and I wish to be with Chavi by leaving from here. Nia asks her to concentrate on her studies and tells her that she will meet Chavi and settle everything.

The next day Nia is about to leave the house. Dadi stops her and asks her where is she going. Nia says glad it’s you and I’m going to meet Chavi as she got a fever again. Dadi gives her prasad and asks her to give it to Chavi. Nia agrees and leaves. Mohini sees them and thinks Nia is going out of her control. Nia goes to a shop and asks for slim milk. Ship keeper says he doesn’t have it and gives her normal milk. Puppy asks if it’s for Mohini.

Nia says she is taking it to Aparajita aunty’s house as I’m going to prepare tea for Chavi. She leaves. Puppy and Neighbor discuss Nia as like Aparajita. Nia goes to Aparajita’s house and tells Disha that she is going to prepare tea for Chavi. Disha teases her. Nia asks her about Chavi. Disha asks her to meet Chavi and tells her that she will prepare tea. Nia asks Chavi to eat prasad. Aparajita says you came here on Sunday and your mom won’t leave if she knows it.

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Nia says her mom won’t wake up quickly on Sunday. She asks why they are cleaning the house. Aparajita says it’s their Sunday routine. Nia insists to help them without listening to Aparajita. She cleans the house. Mohini comes there and creates a scene and takes Nia with her. Mohini tells Neighbors that Aparajita is making her daughter work.

Nia tries to say. Mohini stops her and tells the colony people that Aparajita is instigating her daughter. Colony people support Aparajita and tell Mohini that Aparajita can’t do it. Aparajita tells Mohini it’s the difference between truth and lie. Mohini leaves taking Nia. She punishes Nia by locking her in a room. Nia requests her to open the door. Akshay comes there and asks Mohini why she locked Nia inside. Mohini says Aparajita made your daughter servant that’s why I locked her.

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