Main Hoon Aparajita 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Aparajita, Disha, and Asha looking at the video. Aparajita decides to make Veer and Mohini confess their crimes. Disha asks, “How?” Aparajita tells Disha and Asha about her plan. They proceed to carry it out.

Disha and Asha talk right outside Veer’s room so that he can overhear them talking. Disha and Asha claim that Mohini and Aparajita joined hands after Aparajita threatened to expose Mohini in front of Akshay if she didn’t. So Mohini decided to help Aparajita expose Veer.

Main Hoon Aparajita 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Veer thinks Mohini really double-crossed him after overhearing the sisters talking. Disha and Asha leave there. Aparajita says to Disha that Veer believed what they said and praises her. Veer thinks he has to do something about Mohini. Nia knocks on Veer’s door. Disha requests that Nia give Veer the sherwani that Mohini brought him because she does not want to see him.

Nia agrees. Disha gives a sherwani to Nia and leaves from there. Veer opens the door. Nia gives the sherwani to Veer and says Mohini asked her to give this sherwani to him. Veer takes the sherwani. Aparajita calls Veer at this time.

Veer gets a beeping sound when he keeps his phone near the sherwani. Veer searches the sherwani and finds a microphone. Veer recalls what he overheard and thinks Mohini really double-crossed him. Veer says if he is going to go down, he will also take Mohini down with him. Veer says he will tell everything Akshay that Mohini did.

Aparajita sends the video clip to Mohini, in which Veer says he will expose Mohini in front of Akshay. Mohini worries about the video. Akshay asks Mohini, “Where is she going?” Mohini says she is going to find Veer. Akshay asks where Aparajita, Disha, and others are. Mohini asks Akshay to find them and leaves there. Mohini comes to Veer. Veer blames Mohini for double-crossing him.

Mohini says she is a fool for trying to help him. Mohini says only she knows what she did for Chavi to bring them here. so that she can end their marriage and destroy Aparajita. Aparajita thinks if Veer also reveals what he did, then their game will end. Nia comes to Aparajita at this time and asks Aparajita to join them in the sangeet. Aparajita says she has to take an important call and will join them after that. Nia takes the phone from Aparajita and says she will get the phone after Sangeet. Nia, Disha, and Aparajita come to Sangeet and dance in it. Aparajita tries to take her phone.

Veer chokes Mohini and says that even without her help, he can marry Chavi, and he reminds Mohini that he can expose her in front of Akshay if he wants. Veer leaves her. Mohini chokes Veer with a scarf from the back. Mohini claims she can also find Veer and his father and that she knows where they are hiding. Ritika and her sister are there, and she says if she calls the police then they will go to jail.

Aparajita takes the phone from Nia and looks at the video clip in which Mohini threatens Veer. Akshay asks Aparajita, “What is she doing?” Aparajita says she wants him to show the truth. Aparajita asks Disha to connect her phone to a TV. Veer shows Chavi and blackmails Aparajita, saying he knows that she is going to expose him. Veer says if she shows that video, then he is going to make a new video with Chavi that will go viral.

It is shown while Mohini chokes Veer with a scarf from the back. Veer struggles to get out of it. In his struggle, they find Aparajita’s hidden camera and understand that Aparajita recorded everything they said. Mohini says to Veer that they will be exposed. Veer says he will not allow Aparajita to win. Veer asks Mohini to make Chavi unconscious and bring her here, and after that, he will take care of everything.

Mohini comes to Chavi and makes her drink a spiked drink. Mohini asks Chavi to take some rest as she is not looking well. Chavi agrees. Veer gives Aparajita 20 seconds to make a decision. Veer asks Aparjaita to admit in front of everyone that she created this drama so that she could break off their marriage. Aparajita takes off the hidden camera and asks Disha to take off all the hidden cameras. Disha agrees. Akshay asks Aparajita, “What is she doing?”


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