Main Hoon Aparajita 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Mohini asking Veer to tell her what happened the night Akshay got injured. She tries to run him over with the road. Veer stops her and tells her that it’s a trap. He says Disha and Asha should send me here, saying you have proof against me. Then I received a text from you asking us to meet in the storeroom, so I came here to clear up the misunderstanding, but you were attacking me.

Mohini says she didn’t text him. Veer thinks he knows there is no CCTV footage because he checked it before attacking Akshay. Disha, Asha, and Aparajita feel disappointed. Veer asks Mohini if she checked the pen drive before blaming him. He says it’s someone’s trap. Mohini says it’s the trap of Aparajita. Asha tells Aparajita that they traced their plan. Aparajita says, “Let’s leave.” Mohini and Veer leave from there.

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

In the room, Disha tells Veer that he is smarter than she expected and has ruined their plan. Aparajita says our plan is working, and in fear, they are thinking about us all the time, and their tension will make us win in the next plan. Mohini notices that the pen drive is empty. Veer says he is not at the place where Akshay attacked. Veer tells Mohini that they have to be careful. Mohini asks why Aparajita specifically called us to the store room. Veer runs to the storeroom and searches for the camera, but he doesn’t find anything.

Asha arrives and asks Veer what he is doing in the storeroom, as well as informs him that Chavi is waiting for him. Veer thinks Asha can help him learn the truth. He tells her he is searching for the thing he lost. He tries to appear good in front of her in order for her to learn the truth. Asha learns of his plan and says you’re sweating. She gives him a cloth to wipe off his sweat. He uses it, and his face gets blackened. Asha showed his face to him. Veer says he won’t leave her and leaves to wash his face.

Akshay sees A in Nia’s hand and asks her about it. Nia manages to tell him some lies. Akshay says fine and feeds food to Chavi and Nia. He says everyone is missing from here. Chavi says Veer is missing too. Veer comes across Aparajita and Disha. He hides from them and hears Aparajita telling Disha to keep her purse with her as it has proved to expose Veer in the sangeet. Veer wants to see what’s in the purse. Aparajita feels happy seeing the way Akshay is taking care of Chavi and Nia.

Chavi says she is full. Akshay says she needs energy for sangeet and feeds her. He sees Aparajita, Asha, and Disha. He asks where they went. He calls Asha. Aparajita signs for her to go. Asha goes to him. Akshay feeds her. Akshay tries to feed Disha, but she refuses. Nia orders rasgulla. She asks Chavi what she wants. Aparajita says, “Gulab Jamun.” Akshay smiles. Chavi says she likes Gulab Jamun.

Mohini and Veer go there. Aparajita informs Mohini that her phone has been exchanged with her. Mohini, in anger, takes her phone. Aparajita says she didn’t see anything on her phone. Veer sees a purse in Disha’s hand. Akshay asks everyone to eat food before the sangeet gets started. They go to eat food. Veer tells Mohini there is no camera in the store room. Disha says they don’t know why they want to create a difference between them. Veer says they don’t know what their plan is.

Disha tells Aparajita that she is going to keep her purse safely. Veer tells Mohini that they have proof against him in the purse. She asks how he knows. He says I heard their convoy, so stop anyone from coming to that side, as I’m going to get the proof. Disha comes to a room, puts her purse in a closet, and leaves from there. Veer comes behind Disha and tries to search for the proof. Disha hides from Veer.

Akshay decides to go search for Veer. Mohini decides to keep Akshay busy. Mohini appears to be in pain. Akshay asks Mohini what happened. Mohini says she got hurt and asks Akshay to carry her. Akshay carries Mohini in her arms and puts her in a chair. Mohini kisses Akshay on the cheek. Aparajita leaves from there, seeing this.

Veer searches the whole room. Veer looks in the closet and finds Disha’s purse. Veer finds a key in Disha’s purse and decides to find out what this key is used for. Disha thinks their plan is on the right track. Veer and Mohini will not be able to find out about their plan, and his true face will be exposed in today’s sangeet, and they couldn’t do anything about it.


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