Main Hoon Aparajita 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Aparajita washing her hands while thinking about how Akshay took a stand for her in front of everyone. Disha comes there and tells Aparajita that their plan is working. Aparajita says they will end up getting exposed soon. Veer tells Mohini that Aparajita can’t harm him. Mohini asks him to not take Aparajita lightly, as she will go to any lengths to stop this marriage, so we have to be careful to foil Aparajita’s plans.

Aparajita tells Disha that they have to be careful. Disha says Mohini may feel we are ok with this marriage as we didn’t mix anything in the mehendi. Aparajita says Mohini won’t believe it, as she knows I won’t accept the defeat. Veer sits with Chavi. Aparajita comes there to apply mehendi to his hand. She pours mehendi on Veer’s pants.

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She asks him to clean it. Veer refuses. Chavi asks him to clean it. Asha asks him to come with them. Don’t worry, Disha says, we didn’t kidnap you to be our Jiju and stop acting like Dark Pok. Veer goes to clean his dress. Aparajita takes Veer’s phone. Aparajita comes to Mohini and asks why she appears tense. Aparajita tells Mohini that there are 2 days left for marriage, and at this time I will stop Chavi-Veer’s marriage and expose you in front of Akshay.

Mohini says you don’t know me completely and that I will make this wedding happen and defeat you. Aparajita places a phone that looks like Mohini’s on the table and steals Mohini’s phone by diverting Mohini’s attention. She leaves.

Veer notices the room door is locked. He knocks on the door and warns them to open the door. Disha says don’t worry, you’ll be exposed soon, and mom went to tell Mohini about the video’s truth and that you attacked Akshay with proof. Veer says you guys don’t have any proof, so open the door. Disha receives the message and then opens the door.

Veer comes out. Disha tells him that Mohini is waiting for him. Veer receives Mohini’s message and leaves. Mohini takes the phone and sees a message on the screen that she has to go to the storeroom to find out who attacked Akshay. Mohini thinks it’s Aparajita’s plan, but she decides to check it out as it’s related to Akshay. She goes to the storeroom.

Aparajita observes her. Mohini takes the pen drive and reads that it contains evidence that Veer was not at the party and was instead at the accident site with Akshay. Veer comes there in a hurry and tells Mohini that he is innocent and someone is trying to trap him. Mohini claims that she did not question you about your justification. Aparajita and her daughters overhear everything.

Mohini tells him how suffocated she felt when Akshay stayed with Aparajita, forgetting her for those 15 days. Veer says they are trapping you, so give me the pen drive. Mohini refuses and says he will be jailed; no one can save him; and I will ruin your dad’s career if he supports you.

Veer asks her to talk slowly; otherwise, we have to face the problem. Mohini says you will face a problem, so tell me the truth about that night. Mohini holds his collar. He didn’t open his mouth, so she took a rod to attack him.


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