Main Hoon Aparajita 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Veer and his family coming to the mehendi function. Akshay welcomes them. Veer sees Aparajita bringing Chavi. He asks Mohini why Aparajita is here. Mohini says she doesn’t know, but Aparajita is planning to stop the mehendi, so we need to be careful. Later, Chavi and Veer sit on the stage. Aparajita thinks she will teach a lesson to Veer.

She says they have a ritual, so she will prepare mehendi and apply it to the groom. Mohini says it’s not their custom, so it won’t happen. Aparajita rebukes her and says that no one can take her mother away from her. Akshay approves Aparajita and asks her to apply mehendi to the groom. Aparajita thinks she will remove Veer from Chavi’s life. Disha and Asha wish her luck.

Main Hoon Aparajita 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Nia and Mohini catch Asha with some wine and confront her. Aparajita arrives and pours it on their hands, telling them it’s lemon water. She asks them to leave and says she has to prepare mehendi alone and needs privacy. Mohini is curious about Aparajita’s plan. They leave.

Outside, Chavi asks Asha to take their photos. Asha takes their photos. Disha asks Veer to wait for some time. Veer goes to Mohini. Mohini tells him Aparajita sends them from the kitchen, saying she needs privacy and she is up to something. Veer asks how to fail her plan, as she is planning to stop the marriage.

Aparajita comes out with mehendi. Akshay stops her and asks if she mixed anything in it. He says I trust you, but I want to know. Aparajita says you may not question me if you have trust. Akshay asks her to take it and leaves. Aparajita takes Mehendi to Veer. She tells him that he will never forget this mehendi.

She says she will apply his mehendi. Veer refuses to let her apply mehendi to him. Chavi asks why he is refusing. Veer says Aparajita doesn’t like me, and she is acting like she is fine with this marriage, but she will hurt me.

Akshay says we accepted you, so let Aparajita apply mehendi to you, and why will she hurt you? Mohini hopes Veer doesn’t say anything inappropriate. Aparajita says to Veer, “If I accepted you for Chavi’s happiness and you didn’t do anything wrong, then why will I hurt you?”

She invites him to extend his hand. He pushes her and says, “You know.” Sunil alerts him. Aparajita asks Veer to finish what he’s going to say. She asks what he’s hiding. Mohini says Veer is just being careful, so it’s good to prove to Veer that nothing is mixed in this mehendi. She asks Aparajita to prove it by dipping her hand in the mehendi.

Akshay asks why they are doubting Aparajita. He says he will prove them wrong. He dips Aparajita and his hands in mehendi. He says nothing happened to them. Aparajita thinks she didn’t mix anything in her mehendi. Mohini asks why he dipped his hand and wonders if Aparajita mixed something in it.

Akshay says enough of everything, and if anyone talks against Aparajita, then it’s an insult to me, not Aparajita’s. Amma feels happy. Mohini gets a warning sign. She thinks Akshay insulted her by taking Aparajita’s side. She decides to execute her plan quickly to separate Akshay and Aparajita.


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