Main Hoon Aparajita 12th February 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 12th February 2023 Written Update: The episode starts with Akshay asking Aparajita to come to him after she finds evidence against Veer. He then says he will end the marriage. Aparajita asks, “What if she gets late in finding proof?” She says she knew that Veer ruined another girl’s life, so she won’t allow Veer to marry Chavi. Both walk in different directions.

Mohini smiles. She gets a new idea and thinks about executing her plan. Aparajita calls Disha and inquires about Puppy. Disha says Puppy is fine, but her husband didn’t come till now. Aparajita says it’s fine. Disha asks if Asha finds any proof.

Main Hoon Aparajita 12th February 2023 Written Update

Aparajita asks Asha if she gets any leads through data. Asha says no. Aparajita cuts the call. Asha says they can find Deepika. Aparajita says Deepika is missing, and Disha didn’t get any information about her. She thinks she has to save Chavi from Veer. On another side, Veer smiles at Deepika, who struggles to escape from the room.

Akshay thinks Aparajita can be correct too. He overhears Nia chatting with someone on the phone. He goes to Nia and tells her that she can share with him if she loves anyone. Nia says she will tell him first if she ever falls in love. Akshay leaves. Nia believes she cannot stress her father because he has only recently recovered, and she resolves to be more cautious when speaking with her lover.

Mohini meets Veer and tells him that no one can stop his marriage with Chavi. She says she won’t sleep until he gets married to Chavi. Veer wonders if she is setting up her life or her love life. Mohini asks what he means. Veer says whatever helps me get Chavi, I will assist you in getting Akshay to Dubai.

Mohini asks how she knows that she is planning to return to Dubai with Akshay. Veer says he has his sources. Mohini invites him to Aparajita’s house with Shagun thali. Veer says Aparajita won’t approve of him. Mohini says she has a plan and tells him about it. Veer says it’s good and agrees to implement her plan.

Later, Mohini sees Nia looking at her and Akshay’s photo sadly. Mohini asks her what happened. Nia asks if she really loves Akshay. Mohini says yes. Aparajita is trying to portray that she loves Akshay more, but I will prove her wrong. Nia says everything is set, then why compete?

Mohini says it’s needed. Nia advises Mohini to take care of Dad so no one can snatch him from him, and Aparajita can never wants to get back to him. Mohini believes that loving is not enough and that we must learn how to protect love, which you will understand when you fall in love. Nia looks on.

Asha, who is on call, tells Disha that she will get the phone and proof soon. Chavi asks with whom she is talking. Asha lies to her and sends Chavi to eat food. Asha calls Disha again and says she located the mobile’s location, and mom went to get the mobile. Disha says that the video will help their mom stop the marriage.

Chavi goes to Amma and returns the bag to her. Amma asks Chavi to not feel bad and tells her that it’s good that Akshay regained his memory and that now he can do your kanyadaan. Chavi says she wants her parents to do her kanyadaan. Amma says they will do it as they are not divorced. Chavi thinks she will marry Veer no matter what.

Nia goes to the laundry. She asks Asha about the whereabouts of Aparajita. Asha says she is not at home. Nia says she has to thank Aparajita and seeks her forgiveness. Asha tells Aparajita that she is not angry at her. Nia feels relaxed. Mohini kisses Akshay.

Akshay asks why she is showing love. Mohini claims she spoke with Veer’s father and invited him and Shagun Thali to Aparajita’s house. Akshay scolds her for inviting them, and he says he has to talk to Appu and leaves. Mohini gets frustrated and thinks it’s good if she kills Aparajita.


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