Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani gets less commission because she got one two-star rating along with three five-star ratings. She blames Shiv and wishes not to meet him again. Ishani’s sisters make preparations for their mother’s birthday. Puja says that the food will be prepared by their father. Neeti agrees.

Rachna says that they should order food from some other place. Their father comes and says that he can’t prepare anything as he needs to go fulfill an order. His daughter supports his decision. Rachna calls Ishani and tells her that their father can’t prepare food and asks her to order food from a Punjabi-Sindh restaurant. Rachna adds that their mother wants the same.

Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ishani becomes thoughtful, thinking that Punjab Sindh is an expensive restaurant. Rachna also says that their mother said Ishani would manage everything. Ishani is happy to hear that and says that she will order the food. Ishani wonders how to manage the gift of expensive food. She decides to take on extra duties.

Shiv’s mother and her sister-in-law, Sashi, discuss Shiv’s success. Sashi predicts that Shiv will get married within a year. Shiv’s mother doesn’t believe Sashi when she points at the door and says that Shiv’s bride will do Grihapravesh soon. Meena informs them that she is going to the temple to feed birds and animals to ensure the safety of her husband.

Sashi teases her. Meena demoralizes her by saying that Sashi can’t understand all this because she is unmarried. Shiv’s mother takes a stand for Sashi. Meena criticizes Sashi’s predictions and leaves. Ishani arrives with the other girls. She collides with Meena. Puja thali drops from Meena’s hand. Ishani steps on the vermilion and enters the house, leaving red foot marks.

Meena gets angry and asks Ishani who she is. Ishani says that they are from an urban cleaning company and have come to do deep cleaning in three rooms there. Shiv’s mother says she did the booking. She asks Ishani to clean her feet. The servant brings a towel, and Ishani stands on it and cleans her feet.

Shiv’s mother asks Ishani and others to start in Shiv’s room. Ishani feels the room is no less than a five-star hotel room. She cleans everything with dedication. She goes to clean the bathroom. Shiv bathes in a bathtub. They yell upon seeing each other. Shiv questions her for coming without knocking. He recognizes her and asks if she is following him.

Ishani says she is only doing her job. She blames Shiv for not locking the door. Shiv says it’s his house and his rules. He inquires about her driving job. Ishani says she does many part-time jobs. Shiv praises the cleaning and says that she should do it alone. Ishani asks him for five-star ratings. Shiv is meticulous. Ishani sprays air freshener in an attempt to impress him even more.

Shiv sneezes and says that he is allergic to room fresheners. Ishani gets worried. Sulochana’s birthday party starts. Guests give gifts to her. Rachna goes live. Puja waits for Ishani. Ishani is concerned about how she will manage everything with the limited funds she has. Ishani arranges food packets using her intelligence from her office.

Lag Ja Gale 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Puja gets to know that Ishani will bring food from an expensive restaurant and worries for her. Sulochana talks about her favorite daughter in front of the guests. Ishani comes home with food and gifts. She hears that Sulochana is praising her daughter and thinks it’s her. Sulochana brings up Rachna. She hugs Rachna.

Guests comment on how hardworking Ishani is. Ishani comes and changes the topic. Sulochana goes to cut the cake. Puja says that Ishani brought the cake for her. Sulochana calls Ishani lovingly and smashes the cake in her face.

Everyone gets shocked. Sulochana complains that Ishani brought cream cake, knowing that she hates it. She criticizes Ishani, saying she shows off all the time. Ishani calls her mom. She says she is Ishani’s aunt, not her mother. The episode ends.


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