Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani comes home late at night, sets the alarm, and goes to sleep. In the morning, her mother wakes her up. She keeps her eyes close and reminds Ishani that it’s her birthday and she likes to see Ishani’s face first in the morning. Ishani wishes her a happy birthday to her mother. Her mother asks her to leave her part-time job and find a good job as her birthday gift.

Ishani says part-time jobs help her earn more money so she can save for her family’s future. Her mother refers to her as Bappa’s blessing. Ishani’s dream comes to an end as the alarm rings. Her sister asks her to go and fill the tanker with water. Ishani does the same. She returns home, does other housekeeping chores, and sees that it’s already 6 a.m.

Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She decides to not sleep anymore. Her sister Puja serves her tea and asks her when she returned home last night. Ishani lies and says 1.30 a.m. Puja understands her lie. Ishani says that she returned at 2.30 a.m. Puja asks why she filled the water then, as it was Rachna’s turn. Ishani asks her to spare Rachna, as it’s very important for her to look beautiful in order to get selected for the audition.

They discuss how their father makes the best kabab. Ishani tells Puja that she has ordered cake and jewelry for her mother’s birthday. Puja praises Ishani. Ishani says that she will only do two shifts today in order to celebrate their mother’s birthday. Ishani asks Puja to pray for her so that she gets all 5-star ratings. Puja prays for Ishani’s happiness. Ishani gets Shiv Dhooper’s booking and goes to the airport with her cab to pick him up. the guard asks her to leave. Shiv comes out of the airport and stops Ishani’s cab.

He sits in her cab. He calls his driver and scolds him for not coming to pick him up. He also criticizes Ishani’s cab. Shiv asks her to turn on the AC. Ishani does the same. He says that he will fire the driver. Ishani applies the brake to save the driver’s job. Shiv gets angry as his call gets disconnected. Ishani’s car comes to a halt in the middle of the road. She goes outside to investigate and discovers that the tyre has been punctured. Ishani learns from Shiv that he is 6’4″.

Ishani asks Shiv not to worry, as she will change the tire in 5 minutes. Shiv asks if she can do this work, being a car. Ishani says if she can drive a cab, she can do these things as well. Shiv requests that she cancel the reservation. Ishani asks him to keep calm for five minutes. Ishani goes to change the tire. Shiv saves her from getting hurt during the process. They roll on the ground and share an eye lock.

Shiv criticizes Ishani and changes the tire himself. Ishani gives him water to clean himself up. She arrives at Shiv’s destination within one minute of the estimated time. She asks him to give good ratings. Shiv says that money runs the world. He gives her 1000 rupees and asks her to keep the change. Ishani sees that Shiv gave her two stars and gets irked.

Shiv goes to see his mother and tells her what happened. Her mother says that she will fire the driver. Shiv asks her to leave it. His mother says that Shiv doesn’t express himself well, which is why people misunderstand him. Shiv says people take advantage of our emotions, so he doesn’t like to express himself. He looks at a photo frame of two kids and says that he has lost so much due to these emotions. Shiv recalls some past incidents and gets restless.

Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He goes to a room, sees the articles there, and says that he hates the fact that he is alive. Shiv talks about his twin brother Ani, with whom he wanted to live happily but who is, unfortunately, no more. He says that the goons killed Ani. They could not save him, as they didn’t have money back then.

Shiv blames his father for the incident. He asks Ani to come back and cries, holding his photograph. Ishani also starts crying for Shiv all of a sudden while driving her cab. A passenger tells her that if she is crying for someone, it means that person is connected to her. The episode ends.


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