Lag Ja Gale 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Shiv hears Puja’s telephonic conversation with Ishani and learns that Ishani got kidnapped. He recalls Ani’s kidnapping from his childhood. Puja gets the location from Ishani. She sees that Shiv is being restless. She requests that Shiv help Ishani. Shiv goes away from there. Puja is on her way to the police station. Shiv reaches the factory. He finds the car and Ishani’s bag inside it. He calls Ishani and searches for her.

Randeep learns that there is no trace of Shiv. Kiran worries for Shiv. Randeep tries to contact Shiv, but in vain. Shiv again recalls Ani’s kidnapping and feels unstable. He cries for Ani. Randeep contacts Puja and learns that Ishani has been kidnapped. He understands that Shiv has gone to rescue her. He hides it from Kiran. He tells Puja that he will contact the commissioner.

Lag Ja Gale 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kiran asks Randeep if he is hiding something from her. Randeep says no, and Shiv has gone to attend an important meeting. Kiran decides to wait until Shiv arrives. Kidnappers try to relocate Ishani. Shiv sees some marks and follows them. Suraj asks Puja how they will deliver the order by 6 p.m. Puja says that she believes Ishani will appear on time.

She says that Ishani will keep her word. They decide to start with whatever ingredients they have. Sumit puts Ishani in the car and understands that she is still alive. Shiv comes there and asks Sumit to stop. Sumit gets worried upon seeing Shiv. He starts the car. Shiv tries to stop it, but in vain. Puja worries and cries for Ishani while chopping vegetables. Suraj asks her to be careful. He claims that Ishani will be fine. He believes that God will protect Ishani because he has always stood by her. He goes to get more ingredients for rent.

Puja waits for Neeti and Rachna to come and help her with her work. Neeti comes and informs Puja that Rachna has gone for her audition. Neeti inquires about Ishani. Puja asks her to be responsible like Ishani first. Suraj comes back and tells Puja that no one agreed to give them ingredients for rent. Puja decides to start preparing their main dish. She prays to God for Ishani’s safety and well-being.

Kiran tells Randeep that she is always concerned about Shiv and asks Randeep to always be there for Shiv. Randeep says that he and Shiv have a great understanding. Puja calls him. He informs her that he has no information about Shiv or Ishani. Puja cries for Ishani. Randeep asks her to stay calm, as Shiv won’t let anything happen to Ishani. Puj prepares the dish. She misses Ishani and cries.

Shiv follows Sumit’s car and tries to catch him. Puja leaves cooking She tells Suraj that she can’t do it and talks about Ishani. She worries for Ishani. Suraj says that he believes Ishani will definitely be back soon. He says that they can’t save the stall without both Ishani and Puja. He encourages Puja to resume cooking again. Puja agrees. She starts cooking again. Shiv fails to spot Sumit’s car and wonders where to find Ishani now. The episode ends.


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