Lag Ja Gale 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv gives Ishani and Puja 30 seconds to make a decision in today’s episode. He asks either to take it or leave it. Bhupen secretly observes everything. Ishani goes to sign the contract. Puja asks her to think again. Ishani remembers Jagdish and signs the contract.

Bhupen thinks that he will not let Ishani succeed in her mission. Ishani and Puja leave Shiv’s office. Yash comes there. He hears Puja’s voice and recognizes her. He fails to see her. Yash thinks that Puja must be really beautiful, as her voice is already so beautiful. He longs to see Puja.

Lag Ja Gale 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Jagdish tries to call Ishani. Sulochana asks him about visiting Sumit’s office. Jagdish says that Ishani will go. Sulochana gets irked. Ishani comes and says that she will handle the matter. Sulochana tongue-lashes her. She blames Ishani for all their misfortunes. She joins Ishani’s name with Harmeet and calls her Kalank. Jagdish tries to defend Ishani, but in vain.

He suddenly falls on the floor. Sulochana, Puja, and Ishani worry for him. Bhupen tries to incite Shiv against Ishani. Shiv says that he had no other option but to take Ishani and Puja’s help. Bhupen suggests that Ishani and Puja prepare the dish at their hotel so that they can’t damage the kitchen of Shiv’s hotel. Shiv agrees with him.

Ishani tells Jagdish that they will protect their stall at any cost. The doctor says that Jagdish’s BP was raised, so he had a blackout. He asks to keep Jagdish stress-free. Ishani tells Puja that they have to save the stall and regain Jagdish’s trust again. Ishani tells Jagdish about the order. Jagdish says that he has full faith in Ishani and Puja’s abilities. He wishes to help them in completing the order.

Puja, Ishani, take blessings from Jagdish and leave. They learn that their grocery store owner refused to give them rations until they cleared past bills. Ishani is perplexed as to why he is requesting bill clearance at the start of the month when she only clears bills at the end of the month. Puja asks her to talk to that person. She calls him, but he doesn’t change his position. It is shown that it’s all done by Bhupen to stop Ishani and Puja.

Ishani tells Puja that she will not give up easily and goes somewhere. Ishani visits Shiv’s hotel. Bhupen spots her there. He calls someone and shares his next plan with that person. Randeep suggests Shiv relax at times. Peon asks Ishani to go to Shiv’s bedroom. Ishani gets triggered. She feels odd and goes there anyway. Ishani calls Shiv. Shiv is wearing earphones.

He asks someone to give him a full-body massage. Ishani gets scared. She gets confused with the equipment and unintentionally gives him a pleasant massage. Shiv is shocked to see Ishani in his bedroom. He calls Randeep. Ishani claims that Shiv takes advantage of girls like this and criticizes him. They have an argument.

Randeep comes there. He scolds the peon for creating all the confusion. Randeep says sorry to Ishani. Ishani says it’s okay. Shiv asks her why she needs advance money. He asks her to cancel the order by paying the compensation amount already. The episode ends.


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