Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani asks Shiv to get lost. Randeep decides to let her know why they came there. Shiv says Ishani doesn’t know anything about the class. Ishani asks him to shut up. Randeep leaves with Shiv. Ishani says that she should put up a board to prohibit Shiv Dhooper from entering her stall.

Puja suggests she think about saving the stall first. Randeep informs his family about Ishani. They become curious to learn more. Yash provides them with all the necessary information about Ishani. Kiran recognizes Ishani. Sashi says that Shiv’s partner has already entered his life.

Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Yash takes the card of Sulochana’s stall from Randeep and calls there. Puja picks up his call. Yash introduces himself and seeks help. He informs Puja about Ayan and his demand. He asks Puja and Ishani to come to their hotel and prepare the dish. Puja agrees. Shiv confronts Yash for this act. He criticizes Randeep for bringing office matters inside the house and lashes out at Yash for contacting Sulochana’s food stall. He leaves. Ishani and Puja return home.

Puja informs Ishani about Yash’s proposal. Ishani doubts that it can be Shiv’s ploy. Shiv recalls Ishani’s words and does rigorous exercises. Yash and Randeep come there and instigate him more. Puja again asks Ishani to reconsider her decision. Ishani denies. Ishani accuses Shiv of seeking vengeance and criticizes him.

Shiv comes there and hears everything. Ishani turns and sees Shiv. She thinks that she is dreaming. Puja gives her a reality check. Ishani gets shocked. Both Ishani and Shiv smile. Ishani asks Shiv to take a seat and offers him water. He is concerned that Ishani has poisoned the water. He decides to smile and act nice for the sake of his hotel’s reputation. Shiv praises the house. Ishani feels that Shiv is just pretending to be nice.

Shiv controls his anger and talks about Yash’s phone call. Shiv keeps his ego aside and requests Ishani and Puja make the dish Ayan wants for their hotel. Ishani says that she cannot hear properly and asks him to repeat his words. Shiv repeats his words loud and clear. Ishani accepts the offer. She asks about the money matter.

Shiv says that they need each other’s help. He says that they will finalize the amount at his hotel if everything goes well. Ishani agrees. She puts her hand forward for a handshake. Shiv shakes her hand half-heartedly. He leaves. Puja questions Ishani for wearing a fake smile for so long. Ishani says that she can do anything for Jagdish. Ishani and Puja wait at Shiv’s hotel for the meeting. Shiv tells Randeep that he will show Ishani her place. He calls them for a meeting. He thinks that after today, Ishani won’t be able to talk about money or see it.

Shiv offers a 2,000-rupee package to Ishani and Puja. Ishani asks Shiv if he runs a grocery store. Shiv is in disbelief and asks Ishani how much she wants. Ishani says 20 lahks. Shiv refuses. Ishani and Puja gear up to leave. Shiv criticizes her. Ishani asks for 12 lahks. They negotiate a lot.

Shiv mentions five lakhs at last, and Ishani asks for advance money. Shiv asks her to sign the contract first. He says that there will be a clause that says if Ishani and Puja fail to deliver the dish on time, they have to pay 50 lakh rupees as compensation. Ishani and Puja get shocked. The episode ends.


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