Lag Ja Gale 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Bhupen asks Ishani to get lost. Ishani says that she knows how to handle people like Bhupen. Bhupen disparages Ishani’s character. He mentions Rachna too. Ishani takes some ink in her hand and slaps Bhupen. Ishani addresses him as uncle and asks him not to forget the slap.

Bhupen fumes in anger. Later, Ishani calls Puja and informs her that she has given money to Dharam Pal. Puja says that she is going to their food stall because Jagdish forgot to carry his bag. Ishani recalls that Shiv left his gold bracelet in her bag by mistake. Ishani plans to return Shiv’s bracelet before he accuses her of stealing. She goes to return it and meets Randeep.

Lag Ja Gale 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Shiv gets shocked upon seeing Ishani. Randeep pulls Shiv’s leg, taking Ishani’s name. Randeep asks Ishani to not leave without having tea. He leaves. Shiv thanks Ishani for showing up. Ishani criticizes Shiv for having an attitude all the time. She returns Shiv’s bracelet and gears up to leave. Ishani’s dupatta gets stuck somewhere.

Ishani thinks that Shiv is trying to stop her by pulling her dupatta, and he may say sorry to her. She turns and gets a reality check. Sulochana buys vegetables at the market. Her two neighbors taunt her. They criticize Sulochana for hiding Puja’s truth from them. They gossip about Puja and how she can marry or run a household after marriage. Sulochana promises to bring a rich and suitable groom for Puja.

They refuse to believe her words. They say that Ishani will get married to a rich and handsome guy as she is more beautiful than Puja. They leave. Sulochana gets irked. Bhupen recalls Ishani’s slap and gets furious. The government officer instigates him more against Ishani. Bhupen says that he will not rest until he teaches a lesson to Ishani.

The officer informs him that Ishani works at Urban Cleaning Company and her uncle runs Sulochana Food Stall. Bhupen says that now he will destroy Ishani’s life and make her live in hell. Sulochana sees Ishani at home. She recalls the neighbors’ words and fumes in anger. Rachna asks Ishani about the money. Ishani says that she has given money to Dharam Pal and paid the EMI already.

Randeep and his wife tease Shiv about taking Ishani’s name in front of Kiran. Shiv tries to change the topic. Ishani asks Sulochana to take some rest as she wishes to make the Rotis. Sulochana leaves. Ishani wonders what happened to her. Tina asks Shiv about his dream girl. Bhupen goes there. Shiv says that he has no interest in all of this and gears up to leave for the office. Kiran asks Bhupen to find out Shiv’s secrets. Shiv says that there is no one special in his life yet.

Bhupen again plans to destroy Ishani’s life. Sulochana decides that she won’t let Ishani get married before her own daughters. Ishani goes to their stall and sees a legal notice. She is concerned because she has three days to pay a 5 lakh rupee fine or their stall will be closed. Ishani sees the officer’s sign in the notice and understands the game. She goes to his office and confronts him. Bhupen comes there and lashes out at her. Ishani mentions the court and justice. The episode ends.


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