Lag Ja Gale 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani’s family files a missing dairy report. Police arrive at Kulkarni’s home to conduct an investigation. Puja and Jagdish inform the police that they have failed to contact Ishani. The cops question them about what happened. Sulochana raises questions about Ishani’s character, saying that she roams outside late at night. Puja says that she is worried.

Ishani comes home and says that she is fine. Kiran applies balm to Shiv’s shoulder and asks what happened to him. His uncle Bhupen comes there and cures his frozen shoulder. He has just arrived from Germany. Shiv becomes happy and hugs him. Shiv gives him credit for giving him the fund initially, due to which he could build his empire. He says that Bhupen is more important to him than his business.

Lag Ja Gale 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kiran meets him. Bhupen says that he missed both of them a lot. Kiran informs him that Shiv is very happy today. Ishani informs the police of whatever happened last night. Kiran informs him that Shiv is very happy today. Ishani informs the police of whatever happened last night. Police depart. Sulochana bashes Ishani for spending the night with Shiv, who is responsible for Puja’s misery.

She accused Ishani of joining hands with Shiv. Ishani says that she is innocent. Puja defends Ishani and blames Sulochana for kicking her out. Sulochana again raises questions about Ishani’s character. Sulochana claims that Ishani is having a secret affair with Shiv, and she has returned to destroy their lives. She warns Jagdish and Puja about Ishani and leaves.

Jagdish shows trust in Ishani. He asks her to forgive him and take some rest. Ishani says that she has to leave for work. Ishani admits her mistakes and apologizes to Puja. Puja cries and says that she can’t live without Ishani. They share a hug. Puja apologizes for misunderstanding Ishani.

Ishani says if Puja is with her, she can face the whole damn world. Ishani gets Dharam Pal’s call and convinces him to give her some more. Tina, Randeep, and his wife come home. Kiran learns that she is about to become a grandmother. They decide to celebrate the news. Ishani questions Rachna about the government officer and his associate who took money from her.

Rachna says that they were from the city corporation office. Ishani goes there with Rachna. Rachna asks Ishani to hide the truth from Sulochana. Ishani agrees. They spot the officer, who looks like a womanizer. Rachna promises not to repeat her mistake and leaves.

The officer talks with Bhupen in his cabin. Ishani goes to his cabin. Ishani confronts him for taking a bribe from Rachna, a government official. She demands her money back. She puts pressure on him. Bhupen supports Ishani. He calls Ishani truthful and asks the officer to return her money.

The officer gets convinced. Bhupen goes to give the money to Ishani. Ishani thanks him. Bhupen does not leave the money and touches Ishani inappropriately. Ishani removes her hand. Bhupen gives her a bad proposal. Ishani asks him to come outside and discuss. Bhupen agrees. She confronts him outside, in front of other officers. Bhupen gets embarrassed. Others look shocked.


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