Lag Ja Gale 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Yash tells Shiv that he has already asked the manager to let Ishani go. Yash leaves. Shiv gets frustrated as Ishani keeps instigating his family members against him. He plans not to spare her. Ishani returns home but hesitates to enter. She walks over to Puja and opens the door. Sulochana throws away Ishani’s luggage and asks her to leave their house.

She hurts Ishani, asks her to stay silent, and pushes her out. Ishani falls on her feet and says that she was innocent. She claims she has nowhere to go and begs her to let her speak with Puja just once. Puja comes there and asks Sulochana not to kick Ishani out. Sulochana reminds Puja of what happened today and bashes Ishani.

Lag Ja Gale 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Jagdish defends Ishani. Sulochana asks him not to say anything. She blames Ishani for whatever went wrong today. She calls Ishani a snake and throws her out. Ishani calls her Ai. Sulochana slaps her behind the back and reminds her that she is her aunt, not her mother. She blames Ishani for Puja’s inability or misfortune.

Puja was injured as a child while rescuing Ishani, according to flashbacks. At present, Ishani is crying, remembering the incident. Sulochana asks her to stop doing damma and drags her out of their house. She throws Ishani on the road and warns her to never come back. Ishani requests her to not do this. Puja and Jagdish try to stop Sulochana, but she doesn’t listen to anyone.

She threatens suicide if any of them bring Ishani back. Sulochana leaves with her family. Ishani cries and begs for mercy. Sulochana brings her luggage and asks her to go far away. Kiran asks Yash to join her for dinner. She calls Shiv. Yash asks Kiran if any girl complained about Shiv to her, which made her cry. Kiran becomes clueless.

Tina, Shiv, and Yash’s sister call Kiran and inform her that she is coming back to India. Sashi comes and talks to Tina. Tina says that she did a lot of shopping for her family. She asks that you not inform Shiv about her arrival, as she wants to give him a surprise. Tina’s marriage is mentioned by Yash. Kiran becomes thoughtful. Sashi asks Kiran what happened. Kiran doesn’t reply and leaves.

Sashi says that she knows what is bothering Kiran. Ishani remembers her family and walks on the road. She waits at the bus stand. Jagdish calls her. Ishani sees that her phone’s battery is dead. Sashi goes to Kiran’s room and asks her if she is worried about Shiv. Kiran nods. Kiran cries and says that Shiv is the elder son of the house, but he has no interest in marriage. She says that Shiv doesn’t want to have his own family because he hates his father a lot. She wonders if marriage is in Shiv’s destiny or not.

Sashi says that she has brought Shiv’s horoscope and predicts that Shiv’s wife has already entered their lives. Two men spot Ishani and offer her a lift in their car. Ishani refuses to trust them. They give assurance to Ishani that they are nice guys and genuinely want to help her. Shiv comes there in his car. Ishani is shocked to see him, refuses to speak to him, and asks him to leave. Shiv says that he doesn’t want Ishani to land in trouble and wishes to drop her. Ishani takes a lift from the other two guys. She says that she trusts others more than Shiv. The episode ends.


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