Lag Ja Gale 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Shiv gives a bill to Ishani and says that he has included a 20 percent discount in it. Ishani says that she has already paid the bill. Shiv says that it’s the bill for the second room, the private suite, snacks, etc. Shiv asks her to pay 49876 rupees. Ishani requests that they go and have a talk outside.

Shiv says that he doesn’t have time as his meeting will start shortly. Ishani says Shiv asked her not to pay earlier. Shiv says Ishani has to pay. Shiv says he asked to not pay earlier and never said to not pay ever. Ishani looks on. Shiv asks if she doesn’t have money. He questions her decision to engage in all of this drama when they cannot afford it.

Lag Ja Gale 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sulochana asks Shiv to settle the matter with Ishani outside and not to stop their function. Shiv asks her to behave properly. Shiv suggests Arun say no to the alliance as they are all liars who like to hide truths. Puja asks him to stop and says that they are not liars. She says Arun has come after knowing her truth. Arun asks which truth she is referring to. Puja brings up her letter. Arun says that he didn’t get any letters. Ishani questions Shiv about the letter. Shiv says that he doesn’t know about any letter. Ishani confronts Shiv for lying.

Shiv acts clueless. Arun’s mother inquires about the letter. Puja says that she has written her truth in that letter. She removes her saree and shows her artificial leg to everyone. Arun’s mother insults Puja and her mother. They break the alliance. They leave angrily. Puja questions Ishani for breaking her trust. Puja leaves. Sulochana bashes Ishani.

Others also leave upset. Ishani asks Shiv why he did all this. Shiv says that he took revenge. Ishani becomes clueless. Shiv says that Ishani involved Kiran in their fight and made her cry, so he also made Ishani cry in front of her whole family. He says now the equation is equal. Shiv leaves.

Ishani says that she will never forgive him for whatever he did today. She says that she will never forget this, and she hates him. Ishani’s family leaves the hotel without Ishani. Jagdish wishes to wait for Ishani. Sulochana gives him her oath and asks him to leave quietly. Ishani sobs as she sees her family leave. The staff says that Ishani can’t leave without paying the bill. Ishani asks her to keep her belongings and let her go for now.

The staff says he can’t let her go without Shiv’s permission. Ishani goes to meet Shiv. Security stops her, saying that Shiv is busy with an important meeting. Shiv sees Ishani through CCTV footage. Peon asks Ishani to come after an hour and asks her not to leave the hotel at any cost. Ishani goes downstairs. Puja doesn’t pick up her calls. Ishani sits on the floor and cries. Yash sees her and asks her what happened. Ishani tells him everything. Yash asks Shiv to use his card and clear Ishani’s bill.

Shiv criticizes Ishani for instigating Kiran and Yash. Yash calls out Shiv for doing wrong to innocent Puja and breaking her alliance. Shiv criticizes Puja for hiding the truth. Shiv tells Yash he will consider the amount of the bill as a donation only. Yash asks him to let Ishani go. The episode ends.


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