Lag Ja Gale 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Shiv meets Ishani. He thanks her for choosing his hotel on her special day. Ishani says that this hotel has ties to her company. Shiv says that today will be memorable for Ishani and her family, and he can also show his hospitality. Ishani thinks Shiv Dhooper is nice, and she misjudged him. Ishani thanks him and leaves.

Shiv claims that Ishani got Kiran involved in their fight, made her cry and that he is about to do something that she and her family will never forget. Ishani’s family comes to the hotel. Puja goes to enter, and the alarm starts ringing. Security stops Puja, saying that they have to check her. Ishani says something to them. The guard checks Puja. Sulochana says Ishani is responsible for all these. Jagdish says that Ishani handles Puja too.

Lag Ja Gale 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

When Neeti and Sulochana see the hotel, they are impressed. Sulochana says that now the groom’s family will definitely say yes to Puja. The groom’s family comes in. Groom’s mother says that Ishani’s family is trying to impress them as their son is in a government job. She also thinks there must be some flaws in Puja too. The two families meet and greet.

Sulochana introduces everyone except Ishani, so Jagdish introduces her. The staff gives Ishani the keys to two rooms. Shiv comes there and welcomes everyone. Sulochana praises his hotel. Ishani says that she only booked one room. Shiv says that he personally booked two rooms for two families. Ishani requests that she take one room back, but Sulochana stops her.

Ishani thanks Shiv and leaves. Puja hands Ishani a letter in which she has written her truths and asks her to give it to Arun. If he still comes to meet her, it means he is okay with her truth. Ishani assures Puja that she will deliver the letter. Jagdish praises Ishani for handling the matter so well. Sulochana says that Ishani did nothing special. Shiv meets Ishani again. Ishani tells him that she can’t pay for the extra room. Shiv asks her to just concentrate on her family matters today.

He asks her to choose the private mode for the important discussion. He says it’s charge-free. Ishani says that she wants to give an important letter to Arun first. Shiv asks Ishani to trust him and says he will deliver the letter. Ishani agrees and gives him the letter. Shiv later tears up the letter and plots to make Ishani cry. Puja prepares for the meeting. Ishani asks her not to worry. Arun comes with his family. Ishani and Puja feel relieved.

Arun asks Puja if she plays badminton. Ishani and Puja wonder why Arun is asking such a question after knowing the truth. Arun says that he likes Puja. Sulochana wishes to fix the marriage immediately. Arun’s family agrees. Puja wishes to ask something of Arun. Sulochana asks her to talk to Arun later. They start the rituals. Shiv comes there. Sulochana invites him to join them. Shiv asks them to wait. Everyone gets stunned. The episode ends.


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