Lag Ja Gale 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani returns home. She wishes to help Sulochana in her work, but she doesn’t allow her. Jagdish asks Ishani to go and give company to Puja. Ishani sees Rachna crying alone in her room. She inquires as to what transpired. Rachna says that she made a mistake by not giving the rent to Dharam Pal. Ishani closes the door and windows and asks Rachna to tell him whatever happened.

Rachna says that she was caught red-handed while stealing a bracelet from a jewelry shop. She had to give away the rent in order to release herself and avoid a police complaint against her. Ishani scolds Rachna for stealing and hiding the truth. Rachna says sorry to her. She says that she tried to call Dharam Pal fifteen times, but he didn’t pick up.

Lag Ja Gale 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rachna says that she is scared. She worries, thinking about what Dharam Pal will do now. Kiran comes to Shiv’s office and questions him about misbehaving with Ishani and her friend yesterday. Shiv says that they brought outside food. Kiran criticizes him for behaving rudely with a pregnant woman in particular. She complains that Shiv vents his frustrations on others. She asks him to forget his past and change his behavior; otherwise, he will be in big trouble soon.

Shiv asks Kiran who told him about Ishani. Kiran says it doesn’t matter and calls him wrong. She spots Shiv and Ani’s photo frame on the table and cries while holding it. She requests that Shiv return the Shiv from his childhood. She leaves. Shiv throws his chair in anger and wonders who told Kiran all this.

Dharam Pal’s men arrive at Ishani’s house and start vandalizing it for not paying rent on time. Ishani asks Dharam Pal to stop his men. Sulochana questions Rachna for not paying the rent yesterday. Ishani says that Rachna could not pay the rent because she took the money back from her. Sulochana asks Ishani what she did with the money.

Ishani lies and says she made a mistake at her company and had to pay the money to compensate a client. Sulochana slaps Ishani and lashes out at her. She beats Ishani nonstop. Others try to stop Sulochana but fail. Dharam Pal demands rent and asks to vacate the home otherwise. Jagdish begs for some time. Ishani asks Dharam Pal to keep a chain worth 10,000 and promises to pay the rest of the amount within two days.

Dharam Pal accepts it, gives an ultimatum of two days, and leaves with his men. Sulochana twitches Ishani’s tongue and says that she deliberately created this situation to break Puja’s alliance because she is jealous. She compares Ishani to her mother. Sulochana brings a knife and tries to hurt Ishani. Others calm her down. She cries for Puja. Ishani says she will fix everything. Sulochana asks Ishani to leave the house immediately.

Ishani says that she will find a way to fix everything. Shiv asks Rishi if Kiran met anyone in the market. Rishi brings up Ishani. Shiv asks if she told Kiran anything. Rishi lies and says that Ishani told Kiran everything. Ishani requests a favor from her senior. He arranges rooms for Ishani at a five-star hotel at a discount. Ishani learns it’s Shiv Dhooper’s hotel. She asks her family to go there, and she goes there too. Shiv spots her and learns that she booked rooms there. He thinks that Ishani made Kiran cry, and now he will make Ishani cry. The episode ends.


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