Lag Ja Gale 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Rachna tells Ishani that she has given the money to Dharam Pal and leaves. Ishani thinks that Rachna is upset due to the audition. Rachna thinks that she could not give the money to Dharam Pal. Ishani goes to meet Puja. Puja tells Ishani that the groom’s family will reject her after knowing her truth.

Ishani tells Puja that a prince charming will come to marry her. Puja says that he must have a brother too, who will marry Ishani so that she and Ishani can stay together forever. Yash and Shiv discuss their party. Shiv says that he is starving. Yash says that they will try outside food today; he finds a suitable option on the internet nearby.

Lag Ja Gale 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

They reach the Sulochana food stall. Shiv recalls Ishani. He says that he won’t eat there and gets ready to leave. Ishani stops him. She is surprised to see Shiv and Yash together. Yash signals for her not to say anything. Yash places his order. Ishani talks about the freshness of food, hospitality, etc. to taunt Shiv. Ishani shows Shiv to Jagdish and says that he launched that complaint.

Ishani tells him that she will provide great service to her guest. Yash eats the food and praises it. Ishani gives complimentary food packets to Shiv and Yash. Shiv says that he will never eat that food. Ishani asks him to respect food. Shiv spots a beggar and goes to give him food. The beggar says Ishani gives them food daily and asks Shiv to have that food. Shiv leaves with Yash. They reach home.

Shiv looks at the food packet. Yash asks him to have it now, as Ishani is not around. Shiv feels restless and announces that he won’t eat that food. He doesn’t find anything worthy to eat at home. He tries to order food from outside but doesn’t succeed. He feels extremely hungry and tastes the food at Ishani’s stall. He starts coughing. Yash brings him water and tugs on his legs. Shiv asks him to just leave. Shiv likes the food and calls it damn good. Neeti helps Jagdish decorate the house as the groom’s family is coming to see Puja.

Sulochana prays for Puja so that no problem can arise. Rachna worries about Dharam Pal’s move as she didn’t pay him the rent. Puja writes the groom a letter in which she tells him the truth. Sulochana asks her to get ready properly. Puja asks her if she told the truth to the groom’s family. Sulochana changes the topic and asks her not to worry.

Sulochana says that she will never spare Ishani for what she did with Puja, and she hates Ishani. Ishani buys vegetables at the market. Shiv asks her not to buy a particular vegetable because it’s not fresh. Ishani questions him for appearing in the vegetable market. Shiv says that he is doing it to fulfill the wish of an old guest couple. Ishani is impressed.

Shiv says that he can do anything for the guests who follow the rules. He compliments her food. Ishani offers him complimentary dhania. Shiv gets surprised. He tells Ishani that he can be both extremely good and bad. Shiv runs into Kiran in the market. Kiran becomes happy upon seeing him. Ishani meets Kiran later. Ishani returns Kiran’s wallet. Kiran thanks her and wipes her face. Ishani gets emotional. Later, Kiran learns what happened in their hotel yesterday between Shiv and Ishani from a staff member. The episode ends.


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