Lag Ja Gale 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Shiv orders organic colors on Holi for his family. Ishani comes there and drops a few boxes by mistake. Shiv sees that Ishani is decked up in traditional attire. He gets speechless for a moment. Puja comes there and helps Ishani to pick up the boxes again. Kiran comes there. She praises Ishani’s look and puts kala teeka on her. Shiv keeps looking at Ishani. Yash comes there and sees Puja with Ishani. Ishani says that they have brought Nawari sarees for the Dhooper family as they wear Nawaris during the Holika Dahan festival at their colony. She gives the boxes to them.

Dimple says that she doesn’t know how to wear it. Puja says that she will teach her. Kiran asks them to make her wear it directly because they don’t have time. Meena says that she won’t wear it. Shiv insists on her. She agrees halfheartedly and gets into an argument with Shiv. Yash asks Shiv to leave the matter. Shiv tells Ishani that this costume won’t fit him. Ishani says that she has checked it and asks Shiv to try it. Shiv agrees. Ishani enquires about Bhupen. Randeep informs her that he is unwell and won’t attend the function.

Yash approaches Puja. He says that he is a designer and will wear the saree today. Puja gets surprised. Yash asks her to wait and watch. Ishani and Puja wait for the family members to come wearing the awards. They come one by one while dancing. Puja and Ishani get surprised to see Yash and Shiv. Shiv complains to Ishani that his dress is not fitting well. Ishani says sorry as she was mistaken. Shiv asks Ishani if she made a mistake intentionally. Ishani says that Shiv’s height keeps increasing.

Shiv’s family notices his bracelet and asks about it. Shiv says that Ishani has made him wear it. Kiran, Sashi, and Tina become happy and talk about Shiv and Ishani’s jodi. Sulochana talks about Puja’s boss and his family to the neighbors. She says that Puja is highly thought of at her workplace, so her boss and family are paying the visit. Dhooper’s family arrives there. Sulochana gets worried seeing Shiv standing next to Ishani. Ishani introduces both families. Kiran tells Rachna that she has seen her earlier.

Rachna says that she is very much popular on social media. Tina makes fun of her. Meena complains to Dimple for bringing her there as the people present there are classless, according to her. She complains about the food and ambiance on call. Puja hears it and says that their hospitality is of a five-star level. Yash comes there and says that he loves puran poli. Puja says that she doesn’t know a Punjabi who loves puran poli. Yash asks her about his look.

Puja praises the look. She says that she is both surprised and amazed. Yash thanks her. He says that he wants to give her something in return. Puja gets shy and leaves. Shiv tells Randeep that he has come there solely for Kiran. Randeep and Tina discuss Ishani and Puja’s hospitality and caring nature. Rachna collides with Kiran. Kiran recalls that she has seen Rachna at a jewelry shop earlier. She tells Sashi about the incident. Sashi gets shocked. The episode ends.


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