Lag Ja Gale 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Ishani gets a call from Dharam Pal and informs him that Rachna has gone to pay him money. She is concerned that Rachna will recall the incident. Rachna goes to a jewelry shop to meet her friend. She is tempted by the expensive jewelry on display. Ishani goes to the washroom. Shiv scolds the staff for trying to hide the matter from him. He goes and confronts Priya for having outside food in a five-star hotel. He asks her to follow the rules; otherwise, he will ban her next time.

Priya criticizes Shiv for being rude to his guests. Ishani comes there. She says that the food Priya was having is hygienic. Shiv asks Priya not to have unhygienic food in this condition. Ishani gets enraged and objects. Shiv asks her to get out and be thankful as he only filed a complaint against her and did not get her fired from her job. Ishani learns that it was Shiv who filed that complaint. She invites Shiv to her uncle’s restaurant to learn about guest hospitality and relationships. Shiv discovers that it is a food stall at Chandi Chowk.

Lag Ja Gale 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He questions Ishani for drawing the comparison. Ishani gives him 20 rupees in tips for his five-star hospitality and says he deserves less. An investigating officer visits the jewelry shop that Rachna was in. He and his associate discuss Rachna and Ishani. Ishani collides with Yash. Yash asks her to share if she is having any problems. Ishani complains to Shiv about him. Yash lies and says that he doesn’t know Shiv personally, but he is handsome. Ishani denies this and keeps criticizing Shiv.

She says that Shiv filed a complaint against her. Yash doesn’t believe it. Ishani says that she made him wear the lion’s costume for a reason, but he didn’t remove the tail, and then his picture went viral. She felt bad for him, but now she thinks that he deserves this. Ishani thanks Yash and gears up to leave. Yash learns her name. Yash tells Ishani that Shiv’s words are harsh, but he is a good person at heart. Ishani says that it’s important to speak well to become a good person. Ishani leaves. Yash thinks that Ishani is the perfect match for Shiv. Kiran and Sashi visit the same jewelry shop.

Rachna steals a bracelet and tries to escape. Stuff finds out and stops her. They try to search her belongings. Rachna says that she is innocent. Later, the bracelet is found in her bag. Yash meets Shiv. Ishani is mentioned by Yash. Shiv blames Ishani for his humiliation, as she didn’t ask him to remove the tail. He also informs Yash about what happened in the restaurant today. Yash laughs at Shiv. He shows Shiv some pictures of rings.

Shiv asks him to select. Yash asks him to join the felicitation party for Miss Universe. Shiv says he won’t come. Yash says that Shiv could never say no to Aniket. Shiv scolds him for using Aniket for selfish reasons. Yash says that he just wants to spend more time with Shiv. Shiv agrees to accompany him. They share a hug and say “I love you” to each other. Ishani comes home late at night. She asks Rachna if she gave money to Dharam’s pal. Rachna gets speechless. The episode ends.


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