Lag Ja Gale 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meena says that she wants the money she spent to buy the necklace. Shiv asks her about its cost. Dimple says 3 lakh. Meena lies and says it cost her around six lakh rupees. Shiv goes to bring the money. Sashi suggests Ishani go behind Shiv and thank him. Ishani follows her instructions. Ishani and her friend go to Shiv’s room. Ishani’s friend tells Shiv that she has bought a bracelet for his brother and asks him to accept it as her thank-you gift. Shiv says that he doesn’t believe in all of them. She leaves the bracelet on the table and leaves the room.

Shiv looks at Ishani and says that he is not in a mood to argue. Ishani says that she has not come for an argument too. She says that she was mistaken, as she thought Shiv had filed the complaint. She says sorry to Shiv. Shiv asks her to repeat herself. Ishani repeats her words. Ishani sees that the bracelet is about to fall from the table. She catches it. She tells Shiv that the bracelet is not costly, but it’s priceless because someone’s feelings are attached to it. She holds Shiv’s hand and asks him to accept it. Shiv asks Ishani to make him wear the bracelet.

Ishani becomes happy and makes Shiv wear it. She goes to leave. Her dupatta gets stuck in the bracelet. Shiv removes it. They get close. Sashi reminds Kiran about her prediction regarding Shiv’s life partner and points towards Ishani. Kiran recalls everything that happened in the recent past. She becomes happy as Ishani is a nice and simple girl, according to her. Tina says no way, as Ishani won’t match their status. She asks whether Ishani can adjust to them. Kiran says that she is hopeful. She wishes to get Shiv married to Ishani as soon as possible.

Kiran gets a call and becomes upset. Ishani asks her about the matter. A minister, according to Kiran, has already reserved the space where they hold the Holika Dahan festival every year. Tina says that the festival is special for Kiran because it reminds her of Ani. Ishani gets an idea. She asks the Dhooper family to attend the Holika Dahan festival at their colony. Kiran and Sashi agree. Meena kisses the money. She tells Bhupen that today she got 10 lakhs in exchange for 3 lakhs.

Bhupen tells her that they will both soon get everything that belongs to Shiv. Yash learns that they are attending the Holika Dahan festival at Puja’s colony and becomes happy. Ishani comes home. Sulochana asks her daughters to get ready for the Holika Dahan festival. Ishani informs her family that she has invited the Dhooper family to their colony to attend the festival. Sulochana becomes happy. She asks Puja to get ready. She says that Puja looks good with Shiv.

Puja feels weird. Shiv’s lookalike recalls Ishani’s beauty and orders another pizza just to see her. He anxiously waits for Ishani to arrive. This time, a guy arrives to deliver the order. Shiv’s lookalike gets to know Ishani’s name from him. Bhupen complains about the scammer to the police. The police promise to take action soon. The episode ends.


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