Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Kiran says that she made a mistake by stopping Shiv and asking him to go away. She leaves angrily. Ishani sees Kiran crying. Shiv vents his anger. He gets a call and says that he can’t leave for the meeting without lightening her mother’s mood, as nothing is more important to him than Kiran.

Ishani gives a tissue to Kiran and asks her to keep faith in Mata Rani. Kiran praises Ishani and gives her blessings. Ishani wonders how to cheer up Kiran. She recalls hearing that the actor who was supposed to play the lion in Jagata was not present. Ishani gets an idea.

Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Shiv tries to order a flower bouquet for Kiran but fails. Ishani taunts him. Shiv asks her if she is also a detective. Ishani says that she has an idea to cheer up Shiv’s mother’s mood. Shiv says that he doesn’t need her help but later agrees. He asks her what he should do. Ishani suggests Shiv act as the lion in the jagata. Shiv is in disbelief. Sujata also tries to convince him. Ishani tells Shiv that Kiran wants him to do this. Shiv goes to get ready. Ishani asks Mata Rani to forgive her as she had to lie for Kiran’s smile.

Ishani sits beside Kiran and asks her to wait for a surprise. Shiv comes on the stage in the costume of Mata Rani’s lion. He removes his mask. Kiran gets surprised and happy. Shiv holds his ears. Kiran clicked his pictures. She sends those pictures to Yash. Yash laughs at seeing Shiv like this. He wonders who made Shiv do this; that person must be special, and he has to meet her. Jagdish comes home. He tells Puja that Ishani stayed back at Jagrata. He asks Rachna to serve water, but she refuses.

Puja serves him water. He asks about the birthday party and mentions Ishani’s burn. Puja says she is unaware of it. Jagdish worries about what will happen to Ishani after Puja’s marriage, as no one else loves her there. Puja says that she won’t get married. Jagdish asks her not to say this. Puja wishes to marry in the same house as Ishani in order to care for her. Sulochana comes there and informs Puja about a good marriage proposal that has come for her. Puja leaves there.

Sulochana talks about marriage preparations. Jagdish asks her, “Can’t she see Ishani’s sufferings?” He questions her for not taking care of Ishani. Sulochana bashes Ishani, saying that she complained about her to him. Sulochana becomes enraged and declares that she has no concern for Ishani, asking him to be grateful to her for keeping Ishani at their home to date. Jagdish takes a stand for Ishani and asks God to give good sense to Sulochana. Neeti instigates Sulochana.

Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sulochana says that she won’t spare Ishani but will teach her a good lesson. Kiran tells Shiv that she didn’t say anything to Ishani. Ishani hears their conversation and gets worried. Shiv thinks Ishani did him wrong; he won’t spare her. Ishani gears up to leave, but Shiv holds her hand. Shiv lashed out at her for lying about his mother. He warns her not to come in front of him next time; otherwise, he will not spare her. He leaves angrily.

Ishani notices that Shiv forgot to remove the lion’s tail and goes behind him. Shiv leaves in his car. Ishani laughs. Ishani comes home late at night but fails to unlock the main door. She calls others, but none come. Ishani shivers due to the cold. Sulochana thinks that no one will open the door as she has given sleeping pills to everyone and changed the lock. She abandons Ishani to suffer in the cold for the entire night. The episode ends.


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