Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, the crowd blames Shiv for Shivani’s loss. Shiv asks them not to do damma, as he will pay for the loss. Ishani asks him if he has any humanity or not. The auto driver cries over his losses. Ishani sympathizes with him.

Shiv gives him money and asks Ishani how much he needs to pay her. Ishani informs him that he has spoiled the food made for Jagata and she doesn’t need his money. The auto driver asks Shivani to take another vehicle because his has stopped functioning.

Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ishani gets an idea. She gets into Shiv’s car and asks him to drop her at her destination otherwise she will create drama. Shiv asks her to go on. Ishani cries and creates a scene. Crowd gathers. Shiv asks Ishani to sit in the car. He asks her to sit in the passenger seat, but Shivani chooses the back seat. Kiran, Sashi, and Meena attend the jagrata. Shiv gets annoyed with the smell of deshi ghee coming from the food. Ishani mocks him. Kiran and Meena give blessings to Jeetu. Sashi follows them.

Sujata stops her, saying she can’t perform the ritual because she’s unmarried. Meena both enjoys and taunts Sashi. Kiran sends both Sashi and Meena home. Shiv recalls his childhood days spent with Ani in those streets. Shiv drops Ishani. Ishani delivers the order. She thanks Shiv for helping her out. She requests that he forget whatever happened a few times ago; it was just the timing that was wrong. Ishani asks him to visit the goddess. Shiv sits in the car and gears up to leave.

Sujata stops him. She praises him and asks him to come inside. Kiran is happy to see him and forces him to come to see the goddess. Ishani hears a few ladies talking about Shiv’s success. Sujata praises Ishani’s work. She asks Ishani to offer prasad to the goddess. Kiran asks Shiv to take the goddess’s blessings. They both bow down before the goodness. Her dupatta/chunri falls on both. They look at each other. Pandit ji blesses them to always be together.

Ishani says that they are not a couple and can never be. Shiv asks pandit ji to give the dupatta to Ishani and leaves. Kiran asks Shiv to take prasad. Shiv loses his cool, says that he is uncomfortable, and leaves. Kiran’s bangle falls on the floor. She prays for Shiv before the meal. Ishani picks up the bangle and gives it back to Kiran. She recognizes Ishani and thanks her.

Lag Ja Gale 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ishani asks about Shiv. Kiran says that he is her elder son. Ishani asks Kiran why she is sad. Kiran says she is a mother, so Ishani talks about the importance of mothering. Shiv sees an old house and goes inside. He recalls the moments he spent there with his mother and brother, Ani. How goons spoiled everything as their father didn’t return their money. They kidnapped Ani and killed him later.

Shiv promised his mother that he would become successful one day, earn a lot of money, and bring Ani back. At present, Shiv becomes restless and cries. He escapes from there and meets his mother. He shares his feelings with her. He bashes his father. Kiran slaps him. The episode ends.


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