Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali mentions she does not know how the situation would become normal; she just wants his help. Rishab explains he is going to the commissioner’s office so they both can talk and find a way to know what is going on in the plane. Anjali is standing shocked, he asks why is she standing inquiring I it is because she is wondering why is he helping her even after all the blames, Rishab, explains he has learned to move ahead in life and forget whatever has happened in the past, he informs he is really scared after thinking what the terrorists might have done to their family. Anjali is stunned.

The passengers in the plane are really tensed when they wonder what they would manage to do once the snakes are able to move at greater speeds, Rakhi mentions they all are telling the truth, Rakhi is terrified when a snake crawls over her food tray, Shristhi is also very scared. Arjun immediately tries to divert its attention using a newspaper, after helping save her questions about what she was doing as they have to call or help or try to do something about their safety.

Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shristhi also advises her to take care of herself, a woman rushes into the cabin revealing she is a tero reader, meaning she tells the future after reading cards so they all must see that the card is showing death, so they all are going to die on this plane, everyone is scared. Rishab reaches the office with Anjali when the constable informs, him he cannot meet the commissioner as he is busy talking with the Minister.

Rishab stops the commissioner mentioning that he is sure they are trying their best but just wants to be assured that they would make sure everyone is safe, Commissioner mentions that he is also a human being but the terrorists share the same feelings, they can just pray at best. Anjali questions why he did not say anything, and she reveals that Arjun is also on that plane and she is worried for his safety, Rishab asks if his family is not on that plane, and he is also tense. Anjali asks what they can do now, he after thinking for a moment asks her to follow him.

The pilot enters the maintenance room, he doesn’t even have the torch so is worried. The pilot is then bit by a snake, he immediately rushes back to the cabin. The tero reader reveals they all are about to die in this plane, Ashok explains he mentioned these are not normal snakes and once the effect of the venom ends then they all would become really dangerous.

Shristhi angrily questions why are they all scaring them, one of the passengers reveals that it is all the mistake of Ashok who brought them on this plane, Ashok, however, blames the terrorists for hijacking the plane, Preeta angrily questions why are they all blaming each other and putting it all on karma when this is the time to work together so they are able to achieve a solution.

Arjun smiling exclaims now his Baby doll is right to suggest it, he asks if she heard anything when Preeta questions if he said something, she refutes it thinking only Karan used to call her Baby doll. Rakhi mentions Sarla jee would have been proud if she was alive, she wonders what had Sarla jee eaten before giving birth to Preeta.

Shristhi mentions she knows it, their mother had eaten peas for dinner while having carrot pudding as the dessert, everyone is stunned as she reveals Preeta was born in summer, implying their mother had these foods when she conceived her. Karina angrily questions if Shristhi has lost her mind since she can talk such nonsense even at this serious moment. Kavya standing on her chair explains that Kavya should once again get seated on her chair.

Preeta mentions they all are on the same flight but cannot do anything since no one from them has any experience to handle the snakes besides one-person Ashok, he reveals he doesn’t know anything about it but just that the snakes are waking up. Arjun suggests they can go and talk with the airport authorities to find a solution, Kavya reveals that the bad man left his phone, and Arjun praises her explaining it is a satellite phone. Arjun suddenly asks what is this sound, Ashik reveals the snakes are waking up and will now start biting everyone.

Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

The passengers are all scared of the snakes as they start moving very fast, Ashok suddenly remembers a way to slow the snakes, he quickly takes out a whistle from his luggage which he starts blowing so the snakes slow down, Arjun instructs everyone to go at the back side of the plane. Arjun also picks Kavya taking her back, along with everyone else, they are really scared. The snakes are slowly going back. Arjun reveals he dropped the satellite phone on the seat. Ashok stands in front of them all while constantly blowing the whistle.

A snake approaches Ashok, managing to bite him after which he falls on the seat, seeing which everyone is worried. The pilot requests the terrorist to call the senior pilot as he can no longer handle the plane alone, the terrorist refuses to accept it explaining that he can drive the car alone but then what is the matter, the senior pilot arrives informing him there is a snake in the maintenance section so he needs to go back with the torch, the terrorist asks if the pilot is scared of him but he replies he is not at all scared as he knows that he is the only one who can fly this plane.

The terrorist is shocked to see the snake, he fires the bullets at them and thinks even the last bullet would be wasted, which he was saving to use at the time of committing suicide. Shristhi explains even though the snakes are coming after the whistle has stopped, Preeta stops her from going ahead and is herself walking ahead, Arjun angrily explains they all should not believe anything that Shristhi said about what Preeta’s mother ate before giving birth to her as it is false,

Preeta and Arjun both are arguing when Preeta replies she is actually the sister of Shristhi and he can ask anyone, Arjun replies he was just trying to make her stay back so she doesn’t go ahead, Preeta angrily asks if she should let her sister walk to the front alone, Arjun explains that he can take the responsibility of Shristhi, Preeta questions if this is how he would take her responsibility.

Arjun rushes to help Shristhi and they both try their best to get the whistle however are scared seeing the snakes, and they both stand on the chair. The air hostess explains she feels the snakes would not have reached the upper deck; they all quickly rush there. Shristhi suggests they can make a wall to prevent the snakes from entering, Rakhi asks how they would get the cement and bricks, and Shristhi replies she meant using the luggage.

Rishab is in the car with Anjali, and she asks if she can ask a personal question from him and only if he agrees to tell the truth, Rishab questions when he lied to her, and she inquires if he loved Preeta even before they got married. Rishab explains everyone loved her, she asks what about him, and he gets tensed due to which they are about to get into an accident.

Anjali requests him to drive carefully, and he explains the other driver was coming on the wrong way and she should not ask him such questions. Preeta along with the other passengers are doing their best to make a wall when one of them gets bit by another snake, Minni mentions even one more passenger is going to die, and Preeta is really tense.

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