Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Arjun tying a nuptial chain around Preeta’s neck. Then he fills her forehead with vermilion. The priest says that the marriage rituals have been completed. He tells Arjun and Preeta to seek the blessings of the elders. Arjun and Preeta take the elders’ blessings.

Srishti hugs Preeta. They click on the family photo. On the other hand, Anjali scolds Sambhu and his men for losing against the Luthra ladies. Sambhu tells her that she is not smart. Sherlyn and Prithvi come there. Anjali asks Sherlyn to untie her. She says that she has to go inside to stop the marriage. Sherlyn asks her why the latter is wearing an outfit like Preeta’s. Anjali wonders why Prithvi is dressed similarly to Arjun.

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She realizes that Kritika was right. Sherlyn tells her that Prithvi is in this condition due to her. She says that she doesn’t want to get involved in this matter. Anjali begs her to assist her. Sherlyn tells her that she will untie her if the latter gives her 15 lakhs of rupees then. Anjali agrees to give money. Sherlyn instructs Sambhu to collect Prithvi’s 15 lakh rupees from Anjali.

She unties Anjali, and Anjali runs inside the house. Prithvi praises Sherlyn for coming up with this idea. They leave from there. Rakhi asks Mahesh not to eat too much sugar. Kavya says that she is sleepy. Kritika takes her inside. Rakhi tells Arjun to always take care of Preeta. Anjali comes there.

Arjun inquires as to why she is dressed similarly to Preeta. “Did marriage happen?” Anjali inquires. “What’s all this?” he asks, nodding at her. Srishti tells him that Anjali tried to take Preeta’s place to marry him. He tells her that that’s not possible because Anjali is a good friend of his. Preeta tells him that Srishti is right. She reveals that Anjali did nothing else. Anjali asks Arjun not to trust them because they are lying.

Sameer asks her to stop lying. He recalls what he saw when Sherlyn asked for Priyanka’s help. Sherlyn talks about Anjali and Prithvi’s deal. Priyanka helps Sherlyn. He reveals everything to Luthras. Anjali tells Arjun that she wants to stop this marriage at any cost and save him from it.

She says that her intention was not to marry him. Rakhi asks her why the latter wanted to stop this marriage. Anjali tells her that Luthras took advantage of Arjun. She says that Luthras acted like a saint to save Rishabh. And Luthras wanted money to pay the loan that Rishabh took from the bank.

Kareena says that Anjali is lying. Anjali says that Luthras forced Arjun to transfer properties in Preeta’s name. She tells him that they used him for Rishabh. Srishti asks Arjun not to believe Anjali. She claims she has proof that Anjali is a liar. She dials Sherlyn’s number but receives no response. Anjali asks Arjun to think about why Preeta agreed to marry him so easily when she knew he wanted to destroy the Luthras.


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