Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kritika telling Arjun that she felt he was Karan when he saved her the first time, and she hugs him. Arjun informs her that they are in a relationship, which is why she feels this way. She is shocked to see Sherlyn there.

Arjun tells her that Sherlyn saved him from Prithvi. Kritika thanks Sherlyn for helping Arjun. Prithvi goes there. Arjun asks Sherlyn if she did not lock the door. Prithvi tells him that Sherlyn is on his side. Kritika asks Sherlyn how she can support this marriage.

Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

On the other hand, Anjali tells Preeta that the latter can’t change Arjun’s face. She asks, “Won’t she get a strange feeling seeing Arjun’s face?” Preeta tells her that in love, faces don’t matter and that it’s all about the heart. Dadi and Srishti scold Anjali for taking Preeta’s place to marry Arjun. They tie Anjali up. Preeta tells Anjali that the latter will end up in jail. Luthras goes inside.

Meanwhile, Prithvi claims that Kritika still loves him, which is why she opposes the marriage. Kritika slaps him. He tries to attack her, but Arjun stops him. Kritika tells Prithvi that she is feeling good after slapping him. She claims that Prithvi is aware that she does not harm the person she loves. And she will not love a betrayer, and Prithvi does not deserve her love.

She tells him that she used to love and trust him. And she even went against her family for him, but he betrayed her. Prithvi taunts her and tells her that her speech did not affect him at all. He says that he will do wrong with Luthras, and he will go to the marriage mandap to marry Preeta. He tells Kritika to leave, and he can handle Arjun.

He tells Arjun that Preeta belongs to him and beats him up. Arjun warns him not to utter a word about Preeta and beats him up. Kritika and Sherlyn fight with each other. Prithvi tries to kill Arjun, and Preeta hits Prithvi on the head with a cricket bat. She tells Prithvi that no one can hurt Luthras and Arjun. Prithvi loses consciousness. Srishti slaps Sherlyn. She warns her to leave before she calls the police.

Sherlyn apologizes to them. Luthras leaves there. Sherlyn notices blood on Prithvi’s head. Arjun and Preeta reach the marriage mandap. The priest begins marriage rituals. He tells them to stand for the Varmala ritual. Arjun and Preeta exchange marriage garlands. Everyone claps for them. Preeta recalls how she put the marriage garland on Karan’s neck.

The priest instructs the bride’s mother on how to carry out the gathbandhan ritual. Rakhi performs the Gathbandhan ritual. Preeta and Arjun take Phere Everyone throws flowers at them. Arjun recalls how he married Preeta. They complete the Phere. Arjun believes he has reclaimed his love and his world. Preeta thinks that their kundali has united them again.


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