Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Arjun and Kareena taking Kritika from the marriage mandap. Kritika tells Kareena that she really saw Prithvi in his groom’s outfit. Kareena tells her that Arjun is standing beside them in his groom’s outfit. Kritika tells her that Prithvi locked her in the sanduk. Arjun asks her to calm down. Kareena says that Kritika is depressed nowadays, so the latter should take a rest. She tells Arjun to freshen up. Arjun pretends to cough and requests that Kareena bring him water.

He tells Kritika that the latter is right. He recalls how he regained consciousness and broke the door. He finds Prithvi and tells him that he won’t even let him roam around Preeta. He says that he won’t let Prithvi ruin Preeta’s life. And his marriage will happen with Preeta without any drama. Sherlyn renders Prithvi unconscious. She asks Arjun to wear a sherwani and marry Preeta. He tells everything to Kritika.

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He says that he has hidden the truth from everyone because he doesn’t want to trouble them. And he is glad Kritika tried all this. Kritika hugs him. Kareena comes there. Arjun leaves from there. Kritika tells Kareena that robbers would have put her in the sanduk. She says that she is fine now and leaves. Kareena wonders what happened to Kritika.

On the other hand, Priyanka gives juice to Anjali. She says that she got scared when Kritika claimed the groom was Prithvi. Anjali tells her that no one can take Arjun’s place. Sambhu Bhai tells his men that they have to kidnap the bride. Priyanka opens the door, hearing a knocking sound. Sambhu bhai attacks Priyanka, and she loses consciousness. He and his men make Anjali unconscious and kidnap her without seeing her face.

Sherlyn pours water on Prithvi’s face. Prithvi regains consciousness and notices his outfit. He asks her what all this is and what she wants. She tells him that he is dying to marry Preeta and has left her with goons. He says that he wants her, but she never understood him. He says that he is marrying Preeta for her. He promises her that he is doing all this for them. He reminds her that he lived in a slum and he never left her. She tells him that she thought he was betraying her. He inquires as to where Arjun is.

Later, Anjali regains consciousness and removes her veil. When Sambhu Bhai sees Anjali, he is taken aback. Anjali slaps him and asks him why he kidnapped her. She says that she has to marry Arjun. He tells her that he wants money. She transfers money to his account. She orders him to take her to Luthra’s house and kidnap Preeta. They leave from there. Meanwhile, Rakhi finds Priyanka in an unconscious state. Priyanka regains consciousness. Rakhi searches for Preeta, and she finds her in an unconscious state. Priyanka sees that.


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