Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Priyanka doesn’t recognize Arjun and asking him to leave the room. Arjun leaves from there. She notices that Preeta is still unconscious and leaves from there after locking the door. On the other hand, Prithvi thinks that he wants the marriage to happen as soon as possible.

Anjali hopes that God won’t punish her because everything is fair in love and war. Prithvi thanks God for giving Preeta to him. She disguises Arjun, and Sherlyn comes there. Sherlyn says that they are famous bhangra pale dancers, and they are there for the blast. Her men join the Dhol people and come there.

Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Anjali thinks that they should have arrived after the marriage. Luthras dance with Dhol people. Sherlyn’s men take Prithvi to dance with them. Arjun murmurs to Prithvi and asks him not to make any noise. Sherlyn’s men take Prithvi from there. Sherlyn follows them. “Where is Arjun?” Rakhi inquires. Arjun tells her that the groom went to the restroom.

Prithvi asks Sherlyn why she is doing all this when this marriage is important to him. and why she is not happy with this marriage. Sherlyn slaps him. He controls his anger and tells her that he truly loves her, which is why he is not slapping her. He says that he knows she is angry, but he will explain everything later.

He pushes her and tries to escape, but she throws a vase of flowers at his head. She tells him that she trusted him, but he is a cheater. Arjun comes there and beats Prithvi up. He removes his fake beard and mustache. In the meantime, Sambhu bhai and his men arrive at Luthra’s house. They enter the house as “Dhol guys.”

Prithvi asks Sherlyn if she will join hands with Arjun. He tells her that she will become his enemy if she supports his enemy. Arjun asks him to talk to him. Prithvi says that today his marriage will happen with Preeta at any cost. Arjun tells him to learn to respect women’s feelings. Prithvi tells him that no one can stop this marriage because Preeta belongs to him. He beats Arjun up and escapes from there after locking them in a room.

Anjali thinks that today is the best day of her life, and she never thought she would do something like this. The groom comes there and sits beside Anjali. The sanduk is opened by the key maker. They are shocked to see Kritika inside. Sameer picked Kritika up. Srishti sprinkles water on Kritika’s face. Kritika regains his consciousness and says that Prithvi is responsible for everything.

She goes to the marriage mandap and asks the priest to stop the marriage. She says that Prithvi is the groom, not Arjun. She asks the groom to remove his veil. He reminds the silent, so Kritika removes the veil. Arjun asks her what happened to her. She is taken aback when she sees Arjun. Kareena asks Kritika to calm down. Kritika was unconscious in the sanduk, according to Sameer. Arjun tells the priest that he will return. Anjali gets scared.


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