Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Karan returning to his room with the baby. Kavya follows him. He asks her not to make noise and sleep. He thanks God for giving lovable family to him. He recalls the moments he shared with Preeta. On the other hand, the lady constable taunts Anjali for not apologizing to Nidhi. Anjali asks her to refrain from giving a lecture. The Lady constable scolds her and leaves from there.

Priyanka tells Anjali that they would have gotten bail if the latter apologized to Nidhi. Anjali tells her that she doesn’t regret her actions. Priyanka scolds her. And she regrets helping Anjali. She tells Anjali to apologize, but the latter refuses. They fight with each other. The Lady constable stops their fight, scolds them, and warns them to keep quiet. A fellow prisoner tells Anjali that she can help her, but she wants money.

The next day, Kavya wakes up and finds Karan sleeping beside Preeta. She asks him why he slept there. Karan tells her he slept there so Preeta doesn’t fall from the bed. Kavya goes to get ready. Preeta tells Karan that she is happy because their kids are with them. She asks him to invite Nidhi to the Naam Karan ceremony. And she goes to get ready.

Rakhi gives puja things to Priest. Priest blesses the babies. Mahesh asks Rakhi about Rishabh and Karan. Rishabh and Karan bring Nidhi there. Kareena and Rakhi thanks Nidhi. Srishti compliments Nidhi. Preeta comes there. Karan flirts with her. She tells him that she never saw him like this. He tells her that he has thought about her only since she entered his life.

She tells him she doesn’t have time to listen to all this and has work to do. He asks her how she can insult him like this. She leaves there. Sameer tells Karan that no one can insult him like Srishti. Karan defends Srishti. Sameer asks Karan not to say anything about Preeta. Preeta thanks Nidhi for the help. Nidhi tells her that they are like family.

Naamkaran ceremony begins. Priest asks Kritika to tell the names of the babies. Everyone gives their suggestions to Kritika. Preeta suggests Rudraksh and Shourya’s names to her babies. Kritika finalises those names. Everyone claps. Karan understands that Preeta suggested those names. He says that this is cheating. Kritika tells him that she is the aunt of the babies, so her decision is final. Kavya and Srishti argue with Kritika. Sameer says that it’s time to dance. They dance with dhol people.

In the police station, Priyanka asks Anjali to forget yesterday’s fight. She says that she is still with Anjali. And she promises to support her. Anjali tells her that she will snatch Preeta’s happiness after six months. She says that she will escape when they shift them to jail.


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