Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Prithvi requesting that the priest immediately begin the funeral ritual. Preeta attacks him, and everything turns out to be his dream. He notices Preeta’s expression and decides to distract everyone for a while. He pushes the kefir bowl deliberately.

Rakhi asks him to wash his clothes. He goes inside. Priyanka thinks that even God is helping her. She tells Preeta that she will take her to wash her clothes. Snigdha’s father asks Preeta to go with Priyanka. She asks Priyanka about Anjali. Priyanka tells her that Anjali went out to work. And she takes Preeta with her.

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Prithvi tells himself that Preeta understood that he was not Karan just by holding his hand. He thanks God for saving him for now. He decides to roam there for some time. He finds Arjun in an unconscious state in the corridor. Arjun regains his consciousness, strangles Prithvi, and faints again. Prithvi thanks, God. He decides to put Arjun in the cupboard before anyone else sees them.

Preeta enters the washroom and cleans her outfit. Anjali asks Priyanka to close the door. Preeta enters and is surprised by Anjali’s designer attire. Anjali tells her that the latter would have understood everything now. Preeta tells her that she understands. Anjali tells her that she is going to marry Arjun today. She says that even Srishti knows their story.

Preeta inquires as to whether Arjun is aware of it. Anjali tells her that he doesn’t know. She says that soon Arjun will understand how much she loves him and what she can do for him. And it could be wrong for others, even though she is not proud to do all this. She hits her head, and Preeta tries to escape.

She makes Preeta unconscious with Priyanka’s help. She tells Priyanka that they should hide Preeta. Priyanka asks her to wear a veil before Luthras comes. Anjali says that Preeta is in this condition because she came in between her and Arjun.

Sameer takes Srishti to the key maker shop. He inquires as to whether she recalls this location. She scolds him for asking that question. She tells him that they met for the first time in his old office, so he should have asked this question when they went to his old office. He tells her that they are there for important work. He notices that the shop is closed and calls the key maker.

Anjali wears a veil. Dadi and Snigdha’s father arrive. Priyanka tells them that Preeta is wearing a veil because the priest told her to do it. Anjali thinks that now that the bride is correct, the marriage will get completed.

Prithvi puts Arjun in the washroom. He says that he is happy to see Arjun in an unconscious state. He tells him about his dream. He says that he knows Preeta won’t marry him wholeheartedly, which is why he planned this groom swap.


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