Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Pallavi and Vikram asking Alia why she came to their house even after they asked her to never visit their house. Alia says she got their invitation and came to give them another invitation. She announces they all are going to jail. Pallavi says we can’t stand you so we didn’t invite you. Dida asks if she is planning to send them to jail for not inviting her to their party.

Alia says your bad times started and why you guys write Prachi’s name with Ranbir. Ranbir says he married Prachi so Prachi’s name will be with him on the card. Alia says let’s know whose name must be on the card. She calls Manish inside. A lawyer comes there and introduces himself as Rhea’s advocate Manish. He tells Rhea has filed the case against the Kohli family. He says it is a clear-cut case of bigamy. Alia smirks.

Pallavi says Prachi is his wife. Alia says the judge will decide it and I already submit the proof in the court that Rhea and Ranbir are married in front of you guys so his marriage with Prachi is illegal. Dida asks if she won’t get tired of her conspiracies. She asks why can’t she see Prachi happy. Alia says even I can also ask why can’t you see Ranbir and Rhea happy, anyways leave it and I came here to inform you guys that a case is filed against your family and I will prove you guys are frauds.

Manish says second marriage is not illegal and you guys will be punished. Ranbir says his marriage with Rhea is not valid as his marriage with Prachi didn’t break at that time and they just separated. Alia says she will prove that he lied to them and that he was divorced. Family members feel tense. Alia says the choice is yours and if you don’t want to lose your respect in court then settle everything. Vikram says Ranbir doesn’t have any feelings for Rhea and we know it.

Alia says proofs matter for the court not feelings. The lawyer gives notice to Ranbir and asks them to come to court on time. They ask them to enjoy the party and leave. Vikram asks Pallavi to cancel the party. Alia pays a good amount of money to Manish. She tells him she is happy and asks him to make her happier to get more money. The lawyer agrees and leaves. Alia says she played the Trump card and vows to break the Kohli’s house.

The next day, Ranbir wakes up and sees Prachi thinking something. He back hugs her. She asks why he looks tense. He says he doesn’t want his family to face humiliation. Prachi says we can’t trust Alia so let’s talk with Rhea and make her take back the case. Ranbir agrees and says they can go together to meet Rhea. Prachi agrees. Alia sees Rhea’s state and asks her what happened. Rhea says she failed to become a good sister and wife.

Alia asks her to go to the office for a change. She asks her to sign the papers in the office. Dida and Pallavi pray to Maata rani to save their respect. Alia on the call tells someone that she forgot to tell Rhea and says she will call him to inform Rhea. She hears a calling bell sound. Alia opens the door. Ranbir enters inside and searches for Rhea.

He didn’t find her. He asks Alia where is Rhea. Alia says Rhea doesn’t want to cry anymore so she went to the office. Prachi gets pain in her stomach but she ignores it. Alia asks why they want to meet Rhea. Ranbir says he will ask Rhea to take back the case. They leave. Alia smirks. In the office, Rhea misses Ranbir and cries for ruining her life. Alia calls her men and asks them to send Ranbir and Prachi to the renovation area.

He agrees. Alia thinks Ranbir and Prachi are going to get trapped in her master plan. She thinks Ranbir and Prachi are going to die in the under-construction building and no one knows it’s my conspiracy and everyone will think it’s an accident. Prachi and Ranbir reach to office. Prachi calls Rhea and tells her that they came to talk to her about the notice she send to them against Ranbir. Rhea says she didn’t send any notice but Prachi doesn’t hear. Prachi asks where is she.

Rhea tells her she is near Alia’s cabin. Prachi and Ranbir enquire about Alia’s cabin. Alia men mislead them by giving under construction way. Rhea calls Alia and questions her why she lied that she sent the notice. Alia says she helped her. Rhea disconnects the call. Alia calls her again. Rhea attends the call and says she will reveal everything to Prachi. Alia says you can’t meet her. Rhea asks what she means. Alia disconnects the call. She thinks you can’t meet Prachi.

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