Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Payal telling Prachi that she called the reporter after she called her. The reporter asks Payal to show her the CCTV footage so that she can send it to NGO women. The reporter says to Payal that she will help her get her job back and also help her get some money from Ranbir. The reporter says they have to first file a complaint against Ranbir. The reporter asks Payal to show her the CCTV footage.

Payal agrees and shows the footage to the reporter and Prachi on her phone. In the footage, after Ranbir comes into the house, Ranbir is shown to be hugging Payal. The reporter looked at the footage and said this was enough. The reporter says she is going to send this video to the NGO women and says to Payal and Prachi that tomorrow they are going to Ranbir’s house and backing his face. Payal also asks Prachi to come tomorrow. Prachi agrees.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ranbir stops Dadi from overheating the tea, as it will spill outside. Dadi thanks Ranbir, and they talk about their old times. Dadi asks Shahana, “Why is she staying silent?” Ranbir says Shahana is waiting for him to leave. Shahana says no to it. Ranbir asks Shahana, “Why didn’t you call and tell him that Prachi is alive?” Shahana says no matter what, she always supports Prachi. Ranbir comments on what Shahana said and takes his leave from there. Dadi asks Shahana not to tell Prachi that Ranbir came here. Shahana says she has to tell Prachi.

Pallavi worries about Prachi coming back. Vikram tries to cheer Pallavi. Pallavi asks Vikram if he knows what she is thinking about. Vikram says she might be thinking about Ranbir and the false charges against him. Pallavi says no. Pallavi says she is thinking about Prachi being back. Pallavi says to Vikram that she is worried that Prachi being back, will only make Ranbir feel hurt even more. Vikram asks Pallavi not to think like that and says they will think of something when it happens. Pallavi comments on it. Daljeet asks Pallavi to get ready to go to the Mata Rani temple tomorrow. Pallavi agrees.

Aryan wonders where Ranbir has gone. Ranbir closes the door and says he went to Payal’s house. Aryan asks Ranbir if he is mad. Ranbir says he went to Payal’s house and asked her to take back her false charges against him. Aryan asks Ranbir, “What did Payal say?” Ranbir says they have to see what steps she takes.

Ranbir says he dismissed her from the job because she stole company funds. Aryan asks Ranbir why he didn’t tell the truth to others at that time. Ranbir says he doesn’t want to destroy Payal’s life because she comes from a poor family. Aryan hugs Ranbir and says he is a good guy. Ranbir goes to freshen up and says to Aryan that he will meet her later.

Ranbir thinks there is no happiness in his life, but he later thinks of Khushi and thinks Khushi is his happiness. Prachi thinks Ranbir never focuses on important things and worries about him. Prachi later thinks about Khushi and thinks Khushi will be her life from now on.

The next day, Ranbir comes to meet Khushi. Payal sees Ranbir talking to Khushi. Ranbir buys flowers from Khushi, reads his fortune, and asks Khushi about it. Khushi claims she is not a god and cannot tell her everything. Ranbir says to Khushi that he trusts everything she says. Khushi asks Ranbir what he thinks she is to him.


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