Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Prachi saying thanks to Ranbir for giving her the dress. Ranbir hears Prachi’s voice and asks Prachi for her name. Ranbir thinks he has gone mad and leaves from there. Prachi wonders if he is Ranbir or not. Prachi gets into a dilemma as she sometimes feels that she has to go to him, but she also feels that she is angry at Ranbir for what he did. Prachi thinks she doesn’t understand how she feels.

Aryan greets Pallavi. Aryan sees Damini and asks, “What is she doing here?” Damini asks Aryan if he hadn’t thought she would come here. Aryan says it’s a surprise. Pallavi says Damini came with her father to fix a date. Aryan gets surprised by hearing about Pandit. Pallavi says Damini is very sweet. Pallavi comments on Damini and leaves there.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Damini asks Aryan to stop this drama and say no to this marriage. Aryan asks Damini to say no, as she also doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Damini and Aryan argue for a while. Damini asks Aryan what he would do if he really married her. Aryan says the people will compliment him because he married a doctor. Aryan asks Damini to go and say no to this marriage.

Khushi comes and asks Ranbir, “Where are the dresses that she gave him?” Ranbir says he gave the dresses to her mom. Khushi tries to show the saleswoman the locked door, but the saleswoman says she knows as it gets locked all the time. After the saleswoman leaves, Ranbir says to Khushi that if these people know that the door gets locked, why can’t they fix it?

Khushi agrees with Ranbir and says she will tell them. Ranbir gives a frock to Khushi and says this is for her. Ranbir goes to take a call. Khushi thinks it is too expensive and puts the frock back. Ranbir comes and asks Khushi, “Where is the frock?” Khushi says she doesn’t like it. Ranbir understands and asks Khushi not to worry about the money as he is paying for it. Khushi agrees. Ranbir leaves to pay for the dress.

Prachi comes out and asks Khushi if she selected this dress. Khushi says Shiv selected this dress and says she will show him. Daljeet says that Sunday is an auspicious date. Damini’s father compliments Daljeet as she fixes the date before the Pandit. Pallavi, hearing this, gives a ring as a gift to Damini. Pandit ji challenges Daljeet and says Sunday is not an auspicious date. The whole family questions Daljeet about it. Daljeet says she ordered a dress online and it is going to come on Sunday, so she said Sunday is an auspicious day. The whole family comments on Daljeet.

The shop manager suggests to Kaya that she look at their saree section. Kaya scolds the shop manager and leaves. Ranbir says to the shop manager that he wants two sarees. Kaya asks Ranbir to come quickly. Ranbir apologizes to the shop manager on behalf of Kaya and goes to check out the saree section after paying for the frock that he selected for Khushi.

Khushi sees that Ranbir is not here, and she couldn’t introduce Prachi to Ranbir. Prachi convinces Khushi that she needs to select a few dresses for herself. Khushi agrees and asks Prachi to find Shiv. Prachi says she doesn’t know what Shiv looks like. Khushi says Shiv is very cute. Prachi goes to find Shiv.

Prachi spots a dress at the reception and says she wants to buy this dress. The shop manager says it is not possible because someone bought it. Prachi asks the shop manager what she can do to get this dress. The shop manager asks Prachi to talk to the person who bought this dress, and he is in the saree section. Prachi asks, “How does he look?” The receptionist says he is cute.

Ranbir selects sarees for Daljeet and Pallavi. Prachi searches for the person who bought the dress. Ranbir identifies the doctor who told him that he was hallucinating. Ranbir goes after her. The saleswoman greets Gauthami (the doctor that Ranbir thinks about). Gauthami asks the saleswoman why her child is not coming to school. The saleswoman says there’s a reason for it.

The saleswoman says she will tell her daughter that she met her English teacher. Gauthami agrees. Ranbir searches for Gauthami. Prachi takes Gauthami to one side and hides from Ranbir. Prachi apologizes to Gauthami for involving her in her problem. Gauthami asks Prachi, “Who is Ranbir?” Prachi says she is her husband, and she can’t say anything more than that. Gauthami says she must have a strong reason to hide from the one she loves. Prachi comments on it.


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