Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with everyone hurriedly asking Ranbir to take Prachi to the hospital as she is having labor pains. Ranbir carries Prachi in his arms. Pallavi feels happy that a new member is going to join their family. While driving in the car, Ranbir asks Prachi if she is okay. Prachi says she is alright, but she suddenly starts getting labor pains again. Ranbir’s car stops. Prachi asked Ranbir what happened.

Ranbir says the car is not starting and he will go check it out. Ranbir looks for help as the car stops. Ranbir sees Rhea. Ranbir says to Rhea that Prachi is having labour pains and asks Rhea for her help. Rhea gets out of the car and helps Prachi get into her car with Ranbir. Prachi sees Rhea and asks her why she didn’t come to the party. Rhea says she had to go to the police station because Alia wanted to meet her one last time. Ranbir asks Rhea what she’s talking about. Rhea says the police are shifting Alia to a big prison.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The constable mocks Alia for what happened, saying Rhea will come to meet her. The inspector tells the constable not to talk too much with the prisoner. The van goes on a sandbag. The van moves up and down. Alia takes this chance and steals the gun from the lady constable, holding her hostage. Alia asks the lady constable to open the lock.

Alia gets down with the lady constable. Alia asks the inspector to leave. The lady constable asks the inspector to leave, saying Alia is mad. The inspector, hearing this, asks the driver to leave from here. Alia reminds the lady constable what she said and shoots the lady constable in the leg. Alia says she always keeps her promises and says she is going to destroy Prachi and Ranbir. Alia leaves there.

Prachi is admitted to the hospital by Ranbir and Rhea. Prachi asks Ranbir to come with her into the operation theater, but the hospital staff doesn’t allow it. Prachi scolds Ranbir while going into the operating room. Ranbir says to the doctor that Prachi is his life. Ranbir questions the doctor about Prachi’s constant scolding of him since she began having labour pains.

The doctor goes into the operating room and says he will know about it soon. Rhea congratulates Ranbir in advance for being a father and says she needs to go and see Alia as she might not see Alia again if she doesn’t see Alia now. Ranbir comments on it. Rhea asks Ranbir to take care of Prachi. Ranbir agrees.

Alia reaches the Kohli mansion and collides with servant Priya. Priya asks how she was released from jail. Alia says she is released from jail because she proved to be innocent, and the whole Kohli family knows it. Priya asks what’s wrong with her dress. Alia says you have to see the character, not the clothes. I decided to live a simple life.

She invites herself by asking where everyone went. One of the guests says everyone goes to the hospital for Prachi’s delivery. Alia says it seems like that’s why they called me so many times. She asks Priya to convey her congratulations and says to her that she is leaving for London tonight. Priya thanks, God. Alia thinks she can ruin Kohli’s happiness.

Pallavi and Dida ask Ranbir how Prachi is. Ranbir says Prachi is in pain. They heard a baby crying at the time. The nurse comes out and tells Ranbir that they have been blessed with a baby girl. Ranbir and his family celebrate. The doctor comes out and asks them not to disturb other patients and tells them they can celebrate in the waiting room. Ranbir asks if they can meet Prachi and the baby. The doctor says the father of the baby can meet them. Ranbir goes to meet them. Ranbir feels emotional while holding the baby.

Prachi and Ranbir are happy to see their baby. Prachi asks Ranbir how he is feeling. Ranbir places the baby in her lap and says he doesn’t know what to say and asks what she’s feeling. Prachi says she is feeling like a complete woman. Ranbir notices a mark on the baby’s feet and asks Prachi what it is. Prachi says it’s the birthmark Mark. Ranbir’s point mark is like a moon and a star. The doctor arrives and instructs Ranbir to place the baby in the swing while she examines Prachi and Babu. The doctor checks them. Prachi thanks, God.

Shahana and Aryan go to reception, receive cakes, and learn the delivery boy forgot to bring a knife. They ask the receptionist to arrange it. The receptionist agrees and sends them to their changing room to take the knife. Alia hits the nurse with a vase and changes into a nurse costume. Aryan and Shahana go to the room and see the unconscious nurse.

Alia covers herself with a mask and tells them that her sister falls unconscious. Shahana and Aryan help her make the nurse sleep on the bench. They tell the nurse that they need a knife for cake cutting now that Prachi and Ranbir have a baby girl. Alia gets angry. She gives them a knife. Shahana and Aryan leave the room with it.

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