Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ranbir searching for Khushi. Khushi goes to Ranbir and cries in fear. Ranbir asks her not to get scared. He picks up Khushi and gives her to Laali, then sends them away. Kaya’s father comes there. He is glad to see Kaya is safe.

Ranbir asks his family members to leave. Pallavi asks him to come with them, but he refuses and leaves. The terrorist threatens to throw the bomb when he sees police overpowering them. The inspector informs the terrorist that if the bomb falls there, they will perish as well.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The terrorists tell the inspector that if they don’t win, he won’t either. They are not scared of death. He throws the bomb. Ranbir jumps and catches it in his hand. Everyone is shocked. The police arrest the terrorist and take him away. Prachi sends the medical team to Ranbir and leaves before Ranbir and others see her. Kaya scolds Ranbir for holding the bomb. Ranbir asks his boss to take Kaya. He goes inside the hotel and searches for Prachi. Pallavi and Vikram feel worried for Ranbir.

On the way, Prachi, in tears, thinks she doesn’t want to meet Ranbir, but it happened, and she thinks she doesn’t have the courage to face the problems again. Kaya’s father forcefully takes her with him, telling her that it’s risky to stay there. Vikram and his family try to enter, but the police don’t allow them. Ranbir notices the person he saw with Prachi. He asks her about Prachi.

The doctor tells him it’s his imagination to see her with Prachi, says she doesn’t know any Prachi and leaves. Ranbir looks confused. The doctor believes she told Prachi in that manner. Pallavi and the others go to Ranbir. Pallavi scolds Ranbir for risking his life. Vikram says they can scold him at home and leaves, taking Ranbir. The doctor wonders if Ranbir believed her or not.

Preethi waits for Ashok. Ashok comes out of the airport and asks Preethi to take him to Prachi immediately. Ashok calls Prachi. Prachi answers the call and tells him she is fine. Ashok says the previous hotel is seized, so come to the Delight Hotel, as I booked a room for you there. Prachi agrees. Ashok asks Preethi to stop the car at the mall and says they have to purchase clothes and other things for Prachi.

At home, Ranbir misses Prachi and imagines her everywhere. Ranbir is perplexed as to what is happening to him. He closes his ears. Aryan comes there and asks Ranbir what happened to him. Ranbir says he’s seeing Prachi everywhere. Aryan says you love her; that’s why. Ranbir says Prachi is alive, and I rescued her and confronted her about why she didn’t return; then, she told me she didn’t return because I made her responsible for Panchi’s death. Aryan asks if he really met her. Ranbir claims he has no idea; she vanished shortly after.

Aryan says I talked to my doctor friend once, and it might be your imagination, as Prachi can’t be alive. Ranbir looks confused. Pallavi comes there and gives him milk. She notices Ranbir is in a bad mood. She asks him to tell her what happened. Ranbir hugs her. He assures her everything is fine, but she doesn’t believe him and asks him to share what’s troubling him.

Ranbir lies to her, saying he is terrified and fears he will not see them again in the hotel. Pallavi says it won’t happen because my love protects you. Ranbir hugs her and Aryan. Pallavi asks him to drink turmeric milk in front of her. Ranbir drinks it. Pallavi and Aryan leave. Ranbir thinks, “How can everything look real if it’s just his imagination?”


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