Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the terrorist catching Kaya. Kaya says you will not get anything by shooting me, offers him double the money he gets, and asks him to give her his gun. The terrorist says, “You want to buy me,” and asks her to go up and bargain with God. Ranbir stops the terrorist and asks Kaya to escape. Kaya says she won’t. She asks Ranbir to beat him with a flower vase, but she accidentally hits him. Ranbir hits the goon with a vase and escapes with Kaya.

Ganesh removes the fuse, and the power goes out in the hotel. Terrorists think about what happened to power. The terrorist decides to kill Ranbir and Kaya for hitting him. Prachi and another employee of the hotel walk with the help of a flashlight. Ranbir sees them. He closes his eyes, and at that time, Prachi leaves. He asks Kaya to leave in another direction, and he tells her he is going to save Khushi and the doctor. He leaves.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The rescue team enters the hotel. The boss understands that the police are playing with them. He summons his men and orders them to kill everyone or die as the bomb explodes. He agrees. The terrorist instructs his accomplice that they must kill everyone except Yashvardhan and his family in order to flee. Khushi says she wants to leave.

The doctor tells her they have to wait until Ranbir comes. Khushi hears Laali’s voice and realises Laali is searching for her in anger. Ranbir goes to Khushi and tells them that they have to leave. Khushi says her mom is angry. Ranbir says he will manage her. Laali asks Minty how she can search for Khushi in the darkness. Minty says she knows where the fuse room is. Ganesh comes there and tells them he cut the fuse to stop terrorists from learning what happened.

Ranbir and Khushi go there and meet Laali. Laali tells Khushi that guns are being fired and bombs are being detonated nearby, and she has no idea where Khushi has gone. Khushi says to Ranbir that she told him that her mom would be angry. Ranbir says to Laali that it isn’t Khushi’s fault, and he took her away from there. Ranbir asks Laali not to scold Khushi. Laali asks Ranbir, “Who is he?” and asks if he is a kidnapper. Khushi says he is a good person. Terrorists come there with other hostages and surround Ranbir and co.

Police come there. Terrorists demand the police stop their mission to save the Yashvardhan family and others. The police should drop their guns. Terrorists cover hostages’ faces with black masks. The media portrayed the situation in the hotel as out of control. More police teams arrive near the hotel. Another blast happens on the floor. Everyone gets worried. Terrorists bring hostages outside and make them stand in a line.

Pallavi and her family members feel worried for Ranbir. Terrorists ask Si to make them escape in a jeep to save hostages; otherwise, a blast will happen and people around 5 km away will die. The boss sees the news and realises his men didn’t blast the hotel for their lives. Kaya’s father sees the news and feels worried for his daughter.

The inspector asks his guard to give the key to the terrorist. The rescue officer asks the terrorist to leave the hostages and take Key in parallel. They agree to the deal. The inspector asks them to unmask everyone. Terrorists untie everyone. Ganesh runs from there. Terrorists start the firing. Everyone runs in fear. Khushi hides behind the car in fear. Ranbir searches for her and calls Khushi. Khushi comes out and cries, holding his feet.


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