Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Alia questioning Rhea why she spoiled her plan of taking revenge on the Kohli family. Rhea tries to tell her this case is damaging to their image too. Alia says no as I planned everything for our benefit and Kohli’s may come to the roads but you ruined everything by taking back the case. Rhea says she is tired of negativity and tells her that she doesn’t want to harm anyone and she wants to face herself and announces that she will become maasi of Prachi’s baby and will face her.

Alia asks really. Rhea says yes. Alia smiles. Rhea says stop smiling as I saw positivity always wins and I did wrong with Prachi and I lost everything in my negativity. She asks Alia to accept her defeat and says they can start everything afresh. Alia says she never accepts her defeat and tells Rhea that she lost because of her.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rhea says I don’t want to be like you and you’re looking like a loser. Ali warns her to not call her a loser. Rhea says you failed to separate Abhi and Pragya then how can you separate Ranbir and Prachi. Alia says they are in a coma because of someone and if I did it then they may not meet in death too. Rhea asks this behind her parent’s statement. Alia pushes her.

Prachi wakes up from her sleep and asks Ranbir to get her pani puri. Ranbir goes to get pani puri. Prachi tells her baby that they are lucky to have Ranbir in their life. Alia drives the car. She recalls how Rhea confronted her to tell her who locked Alia and Pragya in cold storage. Alia says he failed to generate them but I will do it.

Rhea asks her to tell her where are they. Alia says they are in the city hospital. She locks Rhea in the room and tells her that she won’t leave Pragya anymore and says my brother will live but Pragya won’t breathe anymore and thanks for reminding me by calling me a loser. Alia drives the car drinking wine. Rhea escapes from the room through the window.

She calls Prachi and informs her that their mom is in danger and tells her that Alia locked her in the house and she asks Prachi to save their mother from Alia. Prachi in tense says she will save their mom. She calls Ranbir but he doesn’t attend the call. Ranbir goes to Bansi’s house and requests him to prepare Panipuri for his wife. Me. Bansi refuses but his wife says they will make it for his wife. Ranbir receives Prachi’s call and it gets disconnected before he attends it. Rhea cries for help.

Alia goes to Pragya and Abhi’s room. She is in a drunken state and tells Pragya that she will separate her from Abhi by killing her. She removes the oxygen mask from Pragya. Prachi rushes to the hospital and notices her mom is struggling to breathe. Rhea escapes from the house. Prachi knocks on the door and asks Alia to not punish her mom. Alia says your sister called me a loser and challenged me and now I will prove to her what I can do.

Alia in a drunken state falls on Abhi and his mask gets removed too. Prachi asks her to see it. Alia says everyone will die. Prachi breaks the glass and enters the room unlocking the door. She calls Doctor and asks him to check her parent’s state. On road, Rhea cries for help. She stops Ranbir’s car. Ranbir asks her what happened.

Rhea in tears says Pragya’s life is in danger and asks him to take her to the hospital and asks him if didn’t Prachi tell him. Ranbir assures her nothing will happen to her mom and he takes her with him to the hospital. Alia leaves the room. The doctor checks Abhi and Pragya’s pulses. Prachi asks Doctor how are her parents. She decides to not leave Alia for crossing her limit.

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