Katha Ankahee 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Neerja joking with Viaan. She thanks Viaan for his help at the place. She says she was there before and knows how much it means for them. He asks about it, but she diverts the topic. She asks his opinion about Katha’s dress combination. He remembers that it’s not the color that she mentioned. She suggests yoga to him, and Viaan learns that she has color blindness. Teji tells Falguni that it’s Neerja who made the coconut Ladoo. They all enjoyed the feast.

Ehsan brings drinks for Viaan and asks about his plans for Holi. Viaan says he wishes things would go well. Ehsan tells Viaan that it’s possible, given the fact that he and Katha are working on it. Viaan says about Neerja’s color blindness. He says her condition is very sensitive, and they need to speak after thinking a lot. Viaan gets a call, and Ehsan learns that Viaan is planning something special for someone.

Katha Ankahee 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan says it’s for someone. Ehsan calls him out for hiding things from him. He says that it’s he who has changed. Viaan explains the importance of Holi in relationships. He says that he will fight or hit him, but he won’t ditch him. He says that there might be some differences between them, but it doesn’t ruin their bond. Ehsan agrees with him. They both drink and celebrate. Neerja is serving everyone when she gets a call from Viaan.

He asks if she remembers him, and she says yes. He confirms with her that Katha is not with her. He calls her out to the parking lot for a conversation and asks her to keep it from Katha. She agrees and leaves. Neerja teases him. Viaan asks her to close her eyes, which she does. He makes her wear glasses and asks her to open her eyes now. She looks through the glasses and identifies the original color of the items. Viaan slowly explains to her that she has color blindness and explains it in a way so that she won’t be surprised much.

Neerja thanks him and asks how he found out about her condition. He says he found out when she mentioned Katha’s dress color. Neerja gets emotional and asks why he did so much for her. He says she colored the lives of Aarav and Katha, and she deserves to experience colors too. Neerja says that he changed her ideas about the younger generation. Viaan offers to help her resolve the issue with her son.

Aarav wonders where Dodo is when Katha teaches him to say, Holika Dahan. She tells him not to worry, while Aarav considers what would happen if her son called her again. Neerja shares with him how she and her husband worked hard to give their kids a luxurious life. She says that the same children left her at the nursing home after her husband passed away. She says that suddenly her children remembered about the land bought by her husband and wanted it from her.


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