Katha Ankahee 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Aarav gets fully recovered and everyone from the ward getting happy and cheering him. Aarav looks at the medal happily. Dr.Amit tells Aarav that this is a superhero medal that he never gives to anyone but him. He then instructs him to have medicine and proper time to lead a healthy life. Aarav obliges. Katha looks happy. Aarav tells that he wants to tell a joke. Katha says no but Aarav insists.

Aarav then says a joke which makes everyone laugh. Everyone then leaves. Dr.Amit asks Katha to never leave her fighting spirit at any point. Katha happily nods okay. Nirija arrives there. She asks Aarav not to party hard and also asks him to keep in his mind that he has his bonemarrow which he has to keep safe.

She then tells due to some problems with her visa she has to stay here for a few days but she didn’t get any rooms in five-star hotels if her sons learn about it then they will do something but she doesn’t want to bother them so she is going to stay in some other hotels until her visa related works are over. Katha says if she wants then she can stay in a ten-star hotel which confused Nirija.

Aarav laughs and says that Katha is talking about their home and insists she comes and stays with them. Girija refuses but Katha and Aarav remain stubborn. Katha takes Nirija’s belongings with her and tells them she has no other choice but to stay with them in their house. Ninja jokes about her being a troublemaker and walks away saying she already warned them. Katha Aarav and Dr.Amit smile. Katha and Aarav then take their leave.

Katha Aarav and Nirija enter the home. Lollypop arrives there. Katha advises Aarav not to strain himself now and then takes Lollypop in her hand. Both Aarav and Nirija look at the decorations and get surprised and happy. Aarav’s friends arrive there. Aarav introduces them to Nirija by calling her dodo which makes them laugh then Aarav explains she is his Doctor Donor that’s why he is calling her that way. Aarav then makes jokes with his friends. Everyone laughs and then asks Aarav to take care of himself then leaves the place.

Katha then advises Aarav to be in his energy-saver mode for a few more days. She then receives her Dubai flight ticket through a message. She recalls Ehsan and Aarav’s earlier conversation. She then gets upset. Girija notices this and asks her why she looks worried. Katha tells her that she has to go to Dubai for one day and a night. Girija tells her until she returns she will take good care of Aarav even though Falguniben will be there with them so encourages her to go to Dubai.

Katha feels guilty and grateful which she expresses to Nirija but the latter asks Katha to bring her Dubai chocolates in return which brings a smile to her face. Later at night Viaan recalls Katha’s suggestion to do a video call meeting with Abdali and wonders whether Katha will go with him to Dubai and becomes restless. Other side Katha wonders whether she acts sick not to go to Dubai as she doesn’t want to go anywhere with Viaan and becomes restless.

The next day Viaan continuously calls Katha and gets upset when he fails to reach out to her. He then decides to go to the airport just then Katha arrives there with her luggage. Viaan gets relieved. He tries to talk to her but Katha shows him a pen drive and says all Abadali’s questions and their present and future questions related to the project have been answered in them. Viaan takes the Pendrive in his hand and nods. Later Viaan and Katha reach Dubai.

On their way to the hotel, Viaan tries to have a conversation with Katha by talking about the buildings but Katha shuts him up. They both reach the hotel. Viaan goes to book the room while Katha recalls that day when she entered a similar hotel and becomes anxious. Viaan after booking the room notices Katha isn’t in her usual self so rushes to her and asks if she is fine. Katha nods. She then takes her room keys and leaves the place after rejecting Aarav’s offer to have an early lunch.

Another side both Nirija and Aarav makes a joke and tries to make the other person laugh first. Girija then receives a call from Katha. Aarav Nirija and Falguniben talk to Katha over the video call. Aarav asks Katha to buy her new purse and clothes for her him which makes Katha emotional. She then says that she misses them all. Girija sends Aarav to help Falguniben and then assures Katha that Aarav is perfectly fine which makes Katha happy.

Viaan in his room types a message for Katha but gets frustrated when he doesn’t come up with an idea so he falls on his bed. Katha goes to get ready for the meeting after sending a message to Viaan. Viaan sends Katha a message he will wait in the lobby. He then sees Katha and admires her. Katha gets uncomfortable. Viaan suggests taking a break between the meeting and dinner which confuses Katha so she questions him. Viaan becomes speechless and looks on.

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