Katha Ankahee 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha telling Aarav to go to sleep, saying she and Neerja have a movie night. Aarav makes fun, then leaves. Neerja receives a call from Varun, who scolds her for sending Katha to them. Neerja gets upset. Here, Viaan meets the hungry kids on the road. He feeds them in the name of eating competition. One of the kids asks him not to give them false hope because they might get hopeful to get food. Viaan assures her that she will meet with them and feed them the following day. The kids are happy.

The shopkeeper asks Viaan not to give false hope to the kids. Viaan tells him he won’t let the kids lose faith. Here, Neerja tries to leave the house at midnight. Katha switches on the light. Neerja gets shocked. Both Katha and Aarav question her about her decision to leave their house. Aarav teases Neerja for having a boyfriend. Neerja tells them that now Aarav has recovered fully and that Katha is busy with work, so she decides to leave them. Katha and Aarav refuse to let her go, saying they are part of the family.

Katha Ankahee 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Neerja tells Katha that Varun informed her of the way he treated Katha. She then questions Katha about why she is putting herself in this situation after all she went through. Katha says as a family they should help one another, so that’s what she tried. Both Katha and Aarav convince Neerja to stay with them and take her inside. The next day, Viaan waits for Katha in the office. Meanwhile, Meera fixes a lunch date with Yuvraj. Katha arrives and informs Viaan that Lonavola-related project ideas are prepared, which she decides to show him to discuss further.

Viaan asks her why she looks tired. Is this because the problems she shared with him yesterday haven’t been resolved yet? Katha says yes. Viaan insists on helping her. Katha refuses to say Neerja’s son’s behavior angered her, and she doesn’t even want to imagine Viaan’s anger hearing their words. She then adds that she learned about Neerja from an old age home. After Katha leaves, Viaan calls the old people’s home, saying Neerja has a courier that he wants to give her. He gets happy by getting the opportunity to meet Neerja today itself.

Yuvraj expresses her happiness at meeting Meera. Meera and Yuvraj discuss the Holi plan. Kailash reaches the restaurant to surprise Yuvraj as per Kavita’s advice. He calls Yuvraj and informs him of his interest in having lunch with him. Yuvraj gets tensed and asks Meera to leave the place. Meera gets upset and angry, then leaves. Kailash meets Yuvraj. He also praises Yuvraj, which makes the latter happy. Here, Viaan donates some money to an old age home where Neerja used to reside.

The head thanks him for donating every year, which brings a smile to the people staying here. Neerja arrives there and is shocked and surprised to see Viaan there. She refuses to take part in the Holi party conducted in the nursing home, saying she has other plans. She then teases Viaan with Katha’s name, saying even she likes Katha. Viaan gets nervous and becomes speechless.


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