Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ehsan telling Farah that she is thinking a little too much about the future. Farah changes the topic after seeing Katha. She asks Katha to wait until she arrives with the food. Katha obliges, then leaves the place.

Farah advises Ehsan to use this dinner opportunity to get closer to Katha, then goes to the kitchen. Ehsan goes and takes his place near Katha. He says that they can have a conversation until dinner is ready. Aarav goes and sits in between Katha and Ehsan, which confuses them both.

Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He then asks Ehsan a riddle in order to prevent him from engaging in conversation with Katha. Ehsan struggles to answer it. He answers wrong, which makes Aarav happy. Viaan sends riddles to Aarav so that the latter can stop his mother’s boss from starting a conversation with his mother.

Ehsan once again attempts to talk to Katha, but Aarav again interrupts and asks one more riddle. Katha asks Aarav the reason behind his constant asking of riddles. Aarav smiles but doesn’t say anything. Ehsan once again fails to answer the riddle asked by Aarav.

Kavita advises Reet to rest at Garewal’s house. Reet obliges. Kailash says the doctor told Reet she was fine, but he doesn’t think they can risk it, so let’s admit Reet to the hospital. Kavita agrees, but Reet refuses, saying she wants to stay with her family, who take care of her, whereas the doctor and the staff can’t do it perfectly. Kailash asks Yuvraj to spend more time with Reet until she gives birth to a baby. Yuvraj then asks who will manage the business. Kailash scolds Yuvraj, asking him to act like a grownup.

He then asks Yuvraj to do what he asked him to do, then leaves the place with Kavita. Reet tells Yuvraj that she is perfectly fine. She just did the drama because Kailash and Kavita are planning to bring Katha and Aarav home, which she can’t afford. Yuvraj gets shocked and angry and asks Reet why she is worrying about the family members who love her and do everything to make her happy in the first place.

Reet complains that he may not care about the outcome of Katha and Aarav entering their lives, but she fears it the most. Even as a child, or until she married, her mother did not prioritize her. She can’t let her kids go through the same thing as Kavita and Kailash, who plan to bring Katha and Aarav home. Yuvraj gets frustrated and asks Reet to grow up, then leaves the place. Reet looks on.

Ehsan serves salad to both Katha and Aarav. He becomes optimistic that they will both enjoy it. Katha smiles. Viaan sends messages to Aarav with a smile on his face. Aarav asks so many riddles to Ehsan, and the latter ends up failing to answer them. Aarav gets upset. Farah praises both Katha and Aarav. She says they have not even had a proper conversation as Aarav kept them busy with the riddles.

Aarav sends Viaan a message saying that he succeeded in stopping his mother’s boss from interacting with her during dinner. Viaan laughs out loud upon hearing it. Here, Ehsan suggests spending some more time, but Katha refuses, saying the next day Aarav has school. Aarav thanks both Ehsan and Farah, then leaves with Katha. Ehsan gets upset.

Viaan laughs the next day after receiving a message from Aarav. He then sees Katha instructing the staff. Ehsan arrives there and says to Viaan that they are both contributing to Jitu bhai’s anniversary party. Viaan nods in agreement. Ehsan joins the employees to take a group photo, which Katha plans to use for the 50th anniversary of EarthCon.

Viaan decides to go to his cabin, but Katha insists on joining them for a group photo. Viaan agrees. During the photoshoot, Ehsan puts his arms around Katha, which upsets Viaan, and Katha gets shocked and uncomfortable. After the photoshoot, Jitu invites the staff to attend his wedding anniversary party.

Katha is about to check the photos they have taken but gets busy with another task. Viaan uses the opportunity to delete the photos in which Ehsan is close to Katha. Katha notices Viaan is doing something on her laptop. Viaan goes to his cabin, worrying that Katha won’t find out about him deleting the photos. Katha finds the photos and looks upset.

Later, Katha and Aarav come to meet Reet. Katha tells Reet that she is happy to help her learn a few yoga tips that she can use during pregnancy. Reet refuses, saying Katha must be busy with her office work. Katha says she will manage. Aarna questions Aarav about why Katha is dressed similarly to him.

Katha Ankahee 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kiara scolds Aarna and then asks Aarav not to pay attention to the latter’s words, but Aarav gets upset. Katha receives an invitation to Jitu’s anniversary party. The theme is groom and bride wear, so she decides not to go to the party. Nirija asks her the reason. Katha admits to her financial state.

Aarav comes there and suggests that he quit his cricket practice so that Katha can buy clothes. Katha scolds him and tells him that parents are happy to fulfill the dreams of their children, so he doesn’t have to sacrifice anything for her. She wants nothing more than for him to make her proud by becoming what he wants to be, and she kisses him.


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