Katha Ankahee 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha saying to Viaan they shouldn’t talk about that night. Viaan tells Katha that he wants to know why she didn’t agree to take Pyramid’s one-crore offer. Katha goes and takes the charts in her hand and tells that she didn’t take the money because people here work hard to complete the work in seven days to two and half days.

She gets her one crore from her team. Viaan asks Katha what she did with the money and also why she wanted such a specific amount of one crore two lakhs seventeen thousand and returned the remaining 83 thousand to him. Katha tells it’s none of his business what she does with the money. She further threatens Viaan to fire her with her resignation letter which she has given to him already because she won’t answer his questions.

Katha Ankahee 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

She further compares him with Ehsan and praises Ehsan for being a more sensible one. Viaan recalls Ehsan’s confession about Katha and gets upset. Katha leaves the room. Viaan tells himself that Jitu bhai advised him to try to look from Katha’s perspective which is what he is trying but he doesn’t get any information to understand it.

Katha and Rewa decorate Aarav’s room and shout surprise to him. Aarav gets confused and asks Katha about the decorations as it’s not his birthday too. Katha acts and asks Rewa to remove the decorations and tells them the party is also canceled. Aarav pleads with Katha and Rewa not to do it then says due to more medicine intake he is forgetting things. Katha tells him that it’s his new life in which both of them are going to create more memories and they are celebrating it today.

Rewa also congrats Aarav on his new life and reminds him about their date which he promised to take her with him. Aarav agrees to take her on a date but asks her to pay the bills. Rewa jokes and says that Katha will pay their bills which makes all three of them laugh. Katha then receives a video call and gives the phone to Aarav saying his friends are the ones on the line. A few old aged people carrying team Aarav banners talks to Aarav. Aarav jokes with them for a few minutes then promises to meet them and disconnects the call.

Rewa tells her she is getting late for the airport and leaves. Katha says to Aarav about their party plan and says they should invite Nirija too. Just then Nirija arrives there singing a song. Aarav calls her dodo and explains why he calling her like this. Girija says they all are animals now who can spend an evening together at a party.

Aarav agrees. Girija then talks to both Aarav and Katha about her children. Katha senses Nirija’s change in mood but doesn’t questions it. Aarav pleads with Katha to return earlier to enjoy the party. Katha agrees and then leaves for the office. She receives a call from Kavita who thanks her for saving Aarav’s life and adds that she gets succeeds in convincing Kailash too.

Katha apologizes to Kavita for not answering her calls but Kavita assures her it’s perfectly fine. She also adds that her blessings are with the one who gave her the money for Aarav’s treatment. She then shares her wishes to meet Aarav and asks for her permission. Katha gets happy and tells her she will send her the address of the hospital.

Later Katha completes her work and decides to leave the office earlier but Jenny arrives there and apologizes to Katha for always upsetting her by giving her last-minute updates but today’s day is going to be happy after hearing the news. Katha asks her to say and Jenny informs her about the official dinner party with the clients. Katha gets unhappy and frustrated and expresses the same to Jenny. She also decides not to take part in that party and informs the same to both Viaan and Ehsan on her own.

Both Viaan and Ehsan were in a room discussing their Singapore project’s few designs which Rewa sent them and wondered which one to choose. Katha arrives there so Ehsan decides to ask her opinion. Katha asks Ehsan if she doesn’t want to be a part of the office party. Ehsan asks her the reason but Katha refuses to say. Viaan tells it’s an official party and her presence is mandatory. Ehsan also agrees with Viaan.

Viaan sees Katha’s reactions and asks her to share if she has any other personal reason not to take part in an official dinner which they can discuss it. Katha looks on frustratedly. Another side Falguniben and Nirija try to lift Aarav’s mood who is upset that Katha isn’t returned yet. Girija shares her plan for how to party in the hospital without disturbing others. She also shares one of her memories in which on her birthday she thought her children forget her birthday but they surprised her in the evening so asks Aarav to wait for Katha.

Katha Ankahee 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Aarav tells he doesn’t want surprises but his mother Katha. Katha is in a dinner with Viaan Ehsan and the clients. Ehsan makes a joke which makes all of them laugh. Viaan notices Katha’s worry-filled face. Katha sends a message to Falguniben promising to be there as soon as possible but gets upset not receiving any reply.

The client praises Katha’s Dubai project designs and asks her about inspiration. Katha says it’s not only inspiration but also the observations and all she is trying to do is fulfill her boss’s expectations. Ehsan says it’s a lie and then praises Katha’s hard work and dedication. The client praises Katha. Katha excuses herself to leave but Vivaan asks her where she is going which makes Katha stops in her track and stare at Viaan.

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