Katha Ankahee 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Viaan telling Katha that Amrita met him and told him but Katha cuts him off and changes the topic to work-related and tells him that she will send the mail to him about the designs then leaves the place. Viaan notices Katha didn’t change even a bit and wonders what she has done with the one crore. In the hospital, Falguniben is with Aarav.

Katha arrives there but gets upset seeing Aarav again fall asleep before she reached the hospital and regrets not being able to be with him. Falguniben advises her not to feel guilty. She also adds that she has so many responsibilities so asks to concentrate on them to fulfill them. She then reminds her of the time they were all though Aarav doesn’t have much time left now everything is sorted out and Aarav is undergone surgery Katha can use the upcoming nights as the most memorable ones for him rather than regretting not being able to meet him now.

Katha Ankahee 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha agrees. Falguniben leaves. Katha kisses Aarav’s forehead and then tells him she loves him the most. Dr.Amit arrives there and tells Katha that Aarav is not only a smart kid but also a mature one and tells her about the earlier conversation he had with Aarav about Katha. Katha smiles and inquires Dr.Amit about Aarav’s health condition. Dr.Amit informs her Aarav is fine.

He then suggests she try to get more time to spend time with Aarav which will speed up her recovery process Viaan. Katha nods okay and says she will talk about her bosses for the same. The next day in the office everyone assembles in the office room to discuss the Dubai project. Viaan sees Katha and says that he wants to talk. Katha looks at Viaan. Viaan looks at everyone and says they have to complete the project on time.

He then says that Raeva is going to leave Singapore the next day and they have to make sure to complete all the works that have to be done by then at that time period. Everyone obliges. Viaan then asks Katha how many days will take them to complete a particular part of the work. Katha informs in seven days. Viaan tells them they have to complete it in two and a half days shocking everyone. He also adds that he knows it’s impossible but they have to do it because that’s what Abadali wanted and he promised it too.

He then says in order to complete this work in the given time period they have to interact discuss and communicate with one another more. Ehsan says even if they do this it’s impossible to complete it. Katha fumes in rage when Viaan informs them they have no other option but to work day and night to fulfill Abadali’s demand. Katha says they’ll try to fulfill their boss’s demand by sacrificing their time and everything. Viaan leaves.

Ehsan tells Katha that Viaan is always like this but asks her not to take too much pressure because they all are with her. Katha tells Ehsan that Viaan has no idea about her at all and then leaves the place. Later Katha receives a call from Falguniben and the latter asks her if she will return in the evening right. Katha realizes that she forget to return to the hospital to stay with Aarav some more time and complains to Falguniben about the work she has to do that too in two and a half days.

Falguniben decides to stay with Aarav until Katha returns and encourages her to show her bosses what she is capable of. Katha expresses her gratitude. Ehsan asks Viaan if is he planning to make Katha run away from their company. Is that why he is demanding such things? Viaan tells him he is treating Katha the way he treats everyone in the office though. Ehsan tries to make Viaan understand the current situation but the latter refuses and asks him if he has feelings for Katha that’s why he is becoming defensive like this.

Ehsan says he may have feelings for Katha but why Viaan should care? Viaan gets shocked and tells Ehsan to differentiate between professional and personal and not to mix it up and he doesn’t want to upset Abdali anymore. At late night Katha works continuously and then falls asleep. She wakes up at 3 am and decides to work for 2 more hours continuously so that she can get time to spend time with Aarav.

In the morning Aarav defeats Katha in their game and says it must be because of the macho manpower. Katha acts and plays along with him. In the office, Jitu bhai literally forces Katha to have food as she is too busy with her work. Katha has it in between that. Ehsan complains to Katha about the water vendors in Dubai’s demands and makes a joke which brings a smile to Katha’s face. Viaan who enters the place fumes in anger seeing it. He gives her a coffee but Katha refuses to take it.

Ehsan leaves the place which makes Katha uncomfortable. Viaan tries to speak with Katha but the latter again interrupts and talks about the project. Viaan once again makes an attempt to speak with Katha but Ehsan enters so Viaan stops himself from speaking with Katha. Katha gets relieved. The next day Katha gets emotional when the doctor team removes the inhaler from Aarav and signs he is fine.

Katha Ankahee 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

In the office, Katha submits the project designs in front of Viaan on time and mocks at him. She then decides to leave but Viaan stops her and tells her that he wants to talk to her. Katha tells him they have already decided they won’t talk about that night right? Viaan says then he wants to know why she rejected Pyramid’s one crore offer for her. Katha looks on speechless.

Precap: Nirija informs Aarav about her surprise plan for him. Katha agrees to be part of it. Later Viaan refuses to excuse Katha for not attending their client meeting. Katha sends a message to Falguniben that she will try to return as soon as possible via text then excuses herself from there and tries to leave but Viaan holds her hand and asks where is she going. Katha stares at their hands.

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