Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ehsan appreciating Katha for whatever she has done for the project but this project is like her child and how can she leave this project just because of Viaan’s anger? He then talks about his relationship with Viaan also their childhood memories and dreams. He further talks about Viaan’s impulsive nature also how Katha is an important part of their company.

Katha gets furious hearing Viaan’s words and lasts in her but Ehsan makes her come out of it and makes a promise to return to the company he will never let her face the troubles but Katha remains silent. He then receives a call from someone who tells him he is in a Cafe and says Katha is with him only. Katha gets confused and asks Ehsan who he is on the call with. Ehsan informs it’s Viaan and he is sure Viaan wants to solve this issue.

Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha decides to leave but Ehsan stops her and pleads with her not to leave and reminds her words about forgetting about the past and moving on. He further adds it’s she who made Amrita realize Viaan’s point of view and also cleared the misunderstanding which lead Amrita to help Viaan on time. Now here Katha is in Amrita’s situation and he is now in Katha’s state so pleads with her to give Viaan a chance. Katha takes her seat. Viaan arrives there. Katha glares at him.

Ehsan greets Viaan and makes the latter sit next to Katha. Viaan and Katha remain silent. Ehsan watches them both for a while and encourages them to tell him what happened because of which they both are mad and upset with one another. He further says that their silence is suffocating him. They are in a Cafe which won’t provide alcohol. Katha and Viaan remain stubborn.

Ehsan pleads for them to talk with one another and move on from their past for their company’s better future. He then takes Viaan’s name but the latter signs at him not to continue then takes Katha’s resignation letter and shows it to her. Katha stares at him. Viaan tears the resignation letter and then asks Katha to continue her work. Ehsan gets happy and tells Katha that he already told her before too that Viaan recognizes real talent.

Later Katha gets ready for the office. She carries Lollypop in her arms and tells him that she can’t carry him everywhere and asks him to stop barking at her because everyone around her doing the same. She then asks Lollypop to stay at home until she returns from the office. She then gets ready to leave but sees Lollypop is in near a TV. She gets worried.

Katha goes to the office taking lollypop with her without anyone’s knowledge. She asks Lollypop to stay here only until she brings her coffee here and leaves the cabin. Lollypop comes out of the basket and runs outside. The staff in the office of them gets happy and interacts with them but others get scared. Everyone wonders whose puppy is this. Katha goes to her room but gets shocked not to find lollypop not there so she starts searching for him.

She inquires lollypop about their peon and gets worried learning the lollypop went upside. Viaan enters his room and gets surprised to find lollypop there. He lets lollypop lick his face and also interacts with him. He then takes him downstairs and asks whose puppy it is. Katha remains silent along with everyone so Viaan informs his staff’s that he is going to take him to his house. Katha tells the puppy is her’s. Viaan looks on.

Katha goes to Viaan and takes a lollypop in her hand. She apologizes to Viaan and promises not to repeat this again and adds that there is no one at the home so she brought him here. Viaan stares at Katha silently so Katha further explains that she found this puppy on a road abandoned and took it with her to her house. Viaan asks her to relax and praises her for having such a good heart to take care of this abandoned puppy.

He then tells her to put Lollypop in a daycare saying they have few of their numbers but Katha tells him she can’t afford that so requests him to let one of their peons take care of Lollypop today and from the next day she will arrange something else. Viaan agrees. They both then leave the place to go to their room. Viaan sees Katha’s interaction with Lollypop from the staircase. Katha notices it and gets uncomfortable.

Viaan goes to his room. Katha scolds lollypop and then tells him that his cute face saved him from Viaan’s wrath. Later the workers involved in the Dubai project assemble for a meeting. Viaan tries to get Katha’s attention by asking questions that related to the project and gets upset when she gives him a curt answer and ignores him completely.

Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan and everyone gets surprised when Katha informs them that she is leaving Arabic on her own also show them the books so Viaan goes near her to see the boon but Katha gets uncomfortable which upsets Viaan so he dismisses the meeting then leaves. After some time Katha and Viaan are in a room busy doing their part of the job Ehsan and Jitu enter it. Ehsan praises Katha’s design and shows it to Viaan who also gets happy with Katha’s work.

Viaan then notices Katha is spending some time on her phone too. Ehsan and Jitu bhai leaves the room. Viaan inquires Katha about the lollypop and the latter informs him he is with one of the peons and also says she has to finish her work early to be with him so Viaan goes near her to see the progress but Katha moves away getting uncomfortable. Viaan gets hurt. He then questions her about the project then tells her that he met Amrita earlier. Katha looks surprised and stares at him.

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